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Slipping Through The Cracks. What Does It Really Mean?

Slipping Through The Cracks. What Does It Really Mean?

Slipping Through The Cracks. What Does It Really Mean? 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

There’s no official definition for slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process. I will attempt to give you my opinion on what it really means.

Despite their best efforts in recruiting, there are a large number of student-athletes who will slip through the cracks of the process.

The student-athlete has good grades, they play on travel teams, attend the best tournaments and camps, they have good coaching, they’ve got a lot of video, strong standardized test scores, they’re outstanding and well-liked in the community, they respect the game, and are great teammates, all the intangibles you would want in a student-athlete. The dream student-athlete that college coaches drool over.

Despite all the positives, they are slipping down a dark narrow path to nowhere in the recruiting process.They are slipping through the cracks.

There are countless stories of student-athletes who’ve ended up going to a college program beneath their athletic ability. Some of these student-athletes never attended college at all.

We often wonder why this horrible scenario happens. What could have possibly gone wrong for such a good player?

The cancer is real, slipping through the cracks is not going to go away.

It is one of the deadliest forms of not being recruited. It will affect the lives of many millions of student-athletes as their senior year approaches.

Recruiting is a constant struggle, a tug-of-war of ideas trying to get one’s name out to college coaches and developing a strategy that you have no idea will work.

Slipping through the cracks is real and unavoidable for many student-athletes with unfortunate results.

I’d really would like to know what you think of this topic. This is a very important topic to me. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Keep in mind, your responses are the oxygen I need to grow.

Good Coaching Bad Coaching

Good Coaching Bad Coaching

Good Coaching Bad Coaching 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

For the purpose of this conversation I’m going to be referring to AAU basketball.  

This topic is centered around the deep decline of AAU basketball coaching.

There are those who are connected who feel coaching is getting worse because there are no credentials or criteria required to become an AAU coach which is disastrous, in my opinion. 

I’ve never coached at the AAU level, but I’m assuming if I wanted to assemble a team, the only qualification I would need is the desire and a basketball. 

When attending an AAU basketball tournament the observations are of coaches who look like they’ve never picked up a basketball a day in their lives, but somehow some way they have anointed themselves as the all-knowing when it comes to coaching basketball.

I was under the impression that coaching required the understanding of basketball strategies, game techniques, management, and the development of players.

Coaching requires juggling many responsibilities and duties. 

Where do these AAU coaches go to receive training? Is it from a video? Are there books or a magazine that they can read and study up on? Just where are they actually going to get the necessary training required to coach AAU?

The odd behavior some coaches display while on the phone talking to whoever during the exact same time they’re supposed to be coaching the team. The team is actually on the floor playing while the coach is on their cell probably talking to one of their baby mamas. 

Just because you can assemble a team of student-athletes doesn’t qualify you to coach them.

There’s also proper coaching attire that should be worn. Some of these coaches look like they just got off of their shift at McDonald’s. 

It’s a wonder why the players are not fundamentally sound. When you look at who is coaching them you can understand why.

It’s sad and despicable the lack of fundamentals, poor sportsmanship, coaches cheating, running up the score, stealing players from other club teams, taking money under the table, all types of recklessness, foolish behavior. This is the modern era of AAU basketball, unfortunately.

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Do me a huge favor and leave a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow.

You Need A Lot Of Recruiting Video

You Need A Lot Of Recruiting Video

You Need A Lot Of Recruiting Video 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

I’m sure by now you already know video is a required component. One of the many pieces of the recruiting puzzle which is confusing all in itself.

You’re going to need a lot of video. Video is the answer in helping you gain the attention of college coaches. 

Video is very important to your career. I think it’s critical to videotape all of your games. How else would they ever see improvement in your athletic ability without video? College coaches go by what they see and what is unseen counts for nothing! 

Video all your workouts to show work ethic and dedication. Video everything you do athletically. Obviously, you wouldn’t need to video yourself studying for the next major exam. 

Viewed by college coaches, video speaks loudly it’s the gateway to getting recruited for college. College coaches may not be able to see you play in person all the time, therefore video is most critical!

How badly do you want that scholarship? Obviously, that’s a ridiculous question because every student-athlete wants a scholarship in the worst way. 

The blood, sweat, tears, pain, frustration, and anxiety best describes the mountain you’re trying to climb of the athletic college recruiting process. It’s a struggle to get exposure in the eyes of college coaches. It has always been hard, challenging, and often very confusing.

What has changed so much about recruiting in recent decades is the enormous number of student-athletes participating in sports today.

It’s almost impossible for college coaches to see every single student-athlete play, there’s just too many competing for the precious few scholarships. What are you going to do to stand out?

There is no excuse for not having enough video. Upload to YouTube and share it! Uploaded to Hudl and share it! Whatever you do get to college coaches and let the chips fall where they may.

Please let me know what you think of this topic. Feel free to leave a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow.

There’s More To Recruiting Than The Showcase

There’s More To Recruiting Than The Showcase

There’s More To Recruiting Than The Showcase 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

The goal is to showcase your talents during the hot steamy summer months. This is what student-athletes strive for.

110% is the effort given in front of college coaches who you’re trying to impress.

This is basically what the showcase is all about. You’re not there to impress the coach with your brand new Nike’s or your fresh hairstyle. It’s all about your athletic ability.

College programs have evaluated your talent, you were amazing!

The next question is, now what? What’s next in the process of going from high school athlete to college athlete?

You’re thinking maybe you’ll just sit back and wait to be contacted by all of those college coaches who saw you showcase your talent in the sizzling hot recruiting season.

The major problem after the recruiting summer season has ended is that most do not know what to do next.

The parents, the student-athletes, and the coaches are struggling who is going to represent the student-athlete after they have displayed their athletic ability. The parents have invested thousands of dollars in these showcases and they’re wondering what’s next.

You can sit back and do nothing because you gave it your all during the showcase season.

The confusion sets in when you are sitting back and waiting, but nothing happens. College coaches have seen you play, they know your name, they have evaluated your talent, some have even greeted you with a hello.

What’s next, is your thought. Will they make an offer? Will you ever hear from them again? Is there a road map, blueprint, or a guide that I can study?

Large numbers of student-athletes slip through the cracks of the recruiting process. It can be directly related to the slow motion results after the summer recruiting season has ended.

You’ve attended countless showcases displaying your talents for all the see. Only a few are going to get the recognition. Some may get some form of attention. The rest of you may get lukewarm recognition, if any.

What happens after the summer showcase season as it relates to recruiting? Nobody knows.

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave me a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow!

The Helicopter Parents

The Helicopter Parents

The Helicopter Parents 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Hovering above the student-athlete with propeller blades spinning at top speed unaware of their surroundings, every move the athlete makes parents are hovering.

They’re waiting to attack like an eagle high above the sky scrutinizing, analyzing, coaching every moment, every second of a student-athlete’s life. 

Coaches are doing their due diligence coaching-up these players, for some reason the parents sits directly behind the bench, listening to every word as though a secret formula is being discussed.

At a ballgame, they’re hanging on the fence or maybe they manipulated their way down to the sidelines of a football game.

Somehow the parent is in earshot of the coach offering a suggestion or their opinions.

Whatever it is, it’s annoying. The propellers are spinning louder and it’s getting on everyone’s nerves!

Complaining over playing time, second-guessing coaching decisions, analyzing, scrutinizing every single aspect, this is what the helicopter parents do.

It’s destructive and it’s disruptive in the flow of competitive sports.

These parents are stressing out the players, the coaches, and school administrators. These selfish parents have a sickness, it’s an epidemic deeper than the roots of the tallest tree.

Unrelenting, when the helicopter parents are unable to get their way they’re forcing out the coach regardless of a successful track-winning record or championship record. The selfish parents could care less!

Climbing Mount Everest best describes the recruiting process.

It’s impossible without a strategy or a plan and without any of it, reaching the top would be next to impossible. You will fail. 

The helicopter parent, with their uneducated philosophy about recruiting, believes without a shadow of a doubt the responsibility of the process is in the hands of the high school coach and on the shoulders of the school administration. 

Foolish in their beliefs, the parents are totally wrong. The responsibility is looking them directly in the face of their cracked mirror.

We have always had helicopter parents.

They are crazy, dismissive in their philosophy and beliefs with no solutions. There’s no way of stopping the propeller blades that spin out of control. 

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to continue to grow.

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