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Austin Beaumier

Austin Beaumier: 5’10, 205lbs, West DePere High School Class 2018

GPA 2.7, ACT 20

As a hard-working physical football player, I play every down like it’s my last. Whatever I did on the previous play I need to do better on the next. I have enjoyed the game since I was young. The only way to get better is to practice what you learned and execute on the field what you learned.

To continue to work on the skills I have and continue my education on the next level. I also enjoy the family atmosphere playing football.

I am an energetic, hard-working player who finishes and plays to the best of his ability.

When we beat Xavier this year, we came out on top versus a very competitive team. I was able to rush for over 160 yards and had some very key blocks for touchdowns. It was a close game versus a great opponent, and playing teams like that brings out even more competitiveness in me.

I’d like to attend Wisconsin, Alabama, or Clemson because they have great programs and facilities that I am interested in. I am interested in any school that is competitive and helps me grow on the field and in the classroom.

Cameron Yates

Cameron Yates: 6’1″ 170lbs. Class of 2018

Aledo High School in Aledo Texas. Plays Club Basketball for Texas Express.

GPA 4.0. SAT 1430

Cameron Yates is an outstanding combo guard. Cameron at 6’1″ 170lbs is very athletic with the ability to knock down the 3 pointer, attacks the basket off the dribble finishing strong with either hand and can dunk the “Rock”.

Cameron plays outstanding defense and is very aggressive. He will take the charge and dive after the 50/50 loose balls.

Cameron can play the point position because he has great ball-handling skills and, most of all, has a very high basketball IQ.

Cameron is excellent in transition both with the ball and running the floor to spot up for the 3 pointer.

Cameron is an outstanding student. He is ranked 4th in his class of 500, has a GPA of 4.0 and an SAT score of 1430.

Cameron shows great leadership skills and sportsmanship on and off the court, has an excellent attitude, and is a person who is always looking to help others and improve his individual character. He is a very coachable team player.

Cameron is ready for the next level of play and will definitely be an asset to someone’s basketball program. Cameron will be an impact- player at the next level.

Noah Arrington

Noah Arrington: 6’1 178lbs. Class of 2018. Aledo High School, Aledo, Texas.

3.7 GPA. SAT: 1200

Noah Arrington, class of 2018, is a 6’1″ 178 lbs. senior at Aledo High School. He is a very high-intensity player at both ends of the floor. He has the ability to knock down the 3 point shot and can take the ball and finish strong at the rim with either hand. Noah is very aggressive and plays outstanding defense. He is very coachable and a team player who shows great leadership on the floor.

Noah will dive for the 50/50 balls and is always looking to pick up a charge on his opponent. Noah plays club basketball for Texas Express and is a very good student with a 3.7 GPA and an SAT score of 1200. He’s a 3-year varsity starter, all academic team and 2x defensive MVP.

Noah has a great attitude along with great work ethic. If you are looking for an impact player at the guard position Noah is your man. He will be an impact player at the next level.

Tori Dotson

Tori Dotson PG 5’4” 125lbs
Class of 2018 at Del Valle High School in Austin, Texas
GPA: 3.0
SAT: Pending
ACT: 14
Potential Major: Kinesiology or Sports Management

Recruiting Intangibles:
1. Ferocious
2. Court Awareness
3. Toughness
4. High Motor
5. Energy Giver

Final Thoughts:
My favorite saying is ” Lack of Worries ” It means fearless, keep living and let go of bad vibes.

Coach, we could easily talk about how decisive Tori is as a point guard, how she has a knack for distributing the ball to her teammates, how no ball-handler is safe when she is on the floor. We will just let Tori tell you about herself because your next point guard should be a good communicator:

I am a hardworking player that gives it her all from the beginning of the game until the final buzzer sounds. Whether my team is losing or winning I’m still working hard. I play like it’s my last game, every game. Not only do I create scoring opportunities for myself, but I also help to put my teammates in position to score as well. While scoring is fun, I really love to celebrate an assist or a great defensive play. Yes, I play defense as well. Check out my video.

I want to play in college because it is my passion. I grew up wanting to go to the best college to play basketball, get a quality education, and make my family proud. Now I want to really make that dream a reality. Coach, you can help with this. Check out my video.

My teammates would describe me as a vocal leader on the floor and a play-maker. They know when the ball is in my hands I’m going to create something big for us.

I feel as though my best game was this summer in Frisco, TX with my AAU team. We were playing in the championship game. The referee blew his whistle and we got the tip, I saw an opening and drove in first two points on the board. After that I was in my zone. I had the first 6-8 points of the game. We lost by 2 and I ended up finishing with double digits. While this was a personal achieve, I was upset that we could not pull out the win.

Points/Game 14
Rebounds/Game 4
Assists/Game 4.5
Steals/Game 7
Free Throw % 80.0
Bench Press 115
Squat 255

Daniel “Miles” Allen

Daniel “Miles” Allen: 6’4 179 lbs.Wing 2 Guard 

Corona Del Sol High School Class 2018

GPA: 3.13 SAT: 980 (Retake October 2018) 

I am a competitive, lock-down defender. I show effort on both sides of the court. I have a sound mid-range and 3 point shot and I can create scoring opportunities for myself and other players. I like Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and Russell Westbrook’s energy.

I want to see how far I can go in the game I love. My first joy was martial arts (TKD) and then I discovered the beauty of playing basketball without the risk of a spinning back kick to the head, I went all-in for the round ball.

College basketball will provide me an opportunity to show my full potential in larger, more competitive arenas and allow me to keep growing scholastically. My love for basketball is strong and I am not ready to end my playing days in high school.

My teammates would describe me as a leader, good defender, rebounder, and shooter. They would also offer that I exhibit unselfish play.

Right now, I’ve narrowed my potential majors to Forensic Science, Economics, and Sports Science. Interests do change.

Also, I could study Fire Science (fireman), Accounting (my mother’s career) or Pre-Law (my father’s profession).

In the 2017 Las Vegas Big Foot Hoops Tournament I scored only 15 points in the semi-final game, but I played monster defense and kept my team in position to win through my passing, rebounding, and overall energy.

In the Inspire Tournament in Gilbert, Arizona, I scored 28 points against an AAU team comprised of most of the players that edged Corona Del Sol High School in 2017 6A basketball championship game.

The effort I showed in the face of a supposedly superior team was great. We responded to each dunk with a 3 point shot or a quick lay-up. With seven seconds remaining and the game tied my teammates knocked down the game-winning 3 point shot. It was a great experience.

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