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Recruiting Perfection

College Recruiting Perfection

The dream of playing at the college level is what many student-athletes set out to do once they have proven they have athletic ability.

The recruiting process if done correctly is going to be an incredible experience for student-athletes and bring great joy to their parents.

The process of going from high school athlete to college athlete is about exposure. From the time the student-athlete enters high school one of the major components is getting your name out to college coaches.

It’s critical that you have various methods of reaching college programs. Whatever method you use is extremely important that you are consistent.

Outstanding athletic ability along with outstanding grades is a perfect match for college acceptance.

Good grades and athletic ability are the positive intangibles that college coaches look for. College coaches are going to ask two questions, what are their grades? And can they play?

You must get it done in the classroom. Failure to maintain grades that makes you eligible for college will make you invisible to college coaches.

You could be the next great athlete but if your grades are in bad shape you’re going to end up going to Junior College or no college at all.

Many student-athletes actually do a fantastic job in the classroom and this is part of the recruiting process.

My advice would be to seek out extra help. To seek out extra credit work to maintain a powerful grade point average. Study in groups with other student-athletes are just students in general.

The standardized test is required to be an eligible student-athlete at the college level.  

The library has a lot of books that you can check out where you can study the SAT or the ACT.

In my opinion the best time to study would be during the summer time when you have extra available time. You could take an extra hour or two to prepare and study for the standardized test.

I’ll be willing to bet you there’s probably an hour or two during your day that you’re wasting doing dumb stuff.

You are gifted athlete and you spend a great deal of time developing your athletic ability. I’ll be willing to bet you that many athletes are putting two hours or more a day into developing their athletic talents.

My advice would be for every hour spent developing your athletic skills and talent you should put equal amount of time into developing your academic skills and talent.

College coaches are recruiting a lot of student-athletes. Just don’t think you’re the only one they’re interested in.

If a college program offers you an opportunity to come out to the school for a visit you should take them up on this incredible opportunity.

A lot of times student-athletes pass on college visits because they’re not totally familiar with the college the coach the program and I think that’s a mistake.

It’s important to take advantage of all recruiting visits and all recruiting opportunities.

Video is a powerful tool in recruiting. Unfortunately many student-athletes do not have video or enough video to impress college coaches.

Keep in mind college coaches cannot be everywhere to see every student-athlete. Because there are huge numbers of student-athletes college coaches rely heavily on video.

What are college coaches going to see on your recruiting video?

Have you ever heard the term first impressions?

What is the first impression a college coach is going to get when they see you on video?

Your video may be the first time they get to see you play and you need to be able to show them something.

You need to show them your athletic ability. If I was you I would be giving everything I got go as hard as I can athletically to gain the attention of college coaches. You may only have one chance to impress a college coach on video.

If the coach likes what they see on video I guarantee you they will follow up with you for additional information.

Recruiting and video is a delicate process. If they like what they see on video they’re going to ask you to come to their school for visit or to their camp.

The parents play a huge and critical role and vital role in the overall recruiting process. The college program are recruiting your son or daughter but they’re also watching what the parents do as well.

There have been parents who have crossed the line with college coaches asking for stuff begging for stuff making demands on college coaches and their programs that these programs cannot keep.

Sometimes parents have knuckleheaded behavior at high school games and that could be a huge turn off in the recruiting process.

The last thing a college coach wants is some knucklehead parent who can’t keep their mouth shut control their behavior and act like an adult.

In my overall honest opinion any high school student athlete who possesses good grades along with athletic ability can get to the college level.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to be a division 1 player but anything is possible. There have been student-athletes who had the right attitude and work ethic along with  good grades who were able to make it to the major college-level and work their way into getting a scholarship and becoming a player in that program.

The dream of playing at the college level is what many student-athletes set out to do once they have proven they have athletic ability.

The dream of taking your talents to the college level can be a reality if you work hard. Hard work athletically and academically it’s going to get you the attention from college coaches and you will make it to the next level.

Keep in mind there are a lot of student-athletes out there who play the same sport you play. All of them also are looking to take their talents to the college scholarship level. There’s always going to be something that separates these athletes from each other.

They’re going to be athletes who get a scholarship who are just as good as you and maybe you get overlooked or passed by or unrecognized or unnoticed by college coaches.

The recruiting process plays no favorites it doesn’t care if you’re black or white rich or poor that you live in the hood or the suburbs the recruiting process only cares about outstanding athletes who have good grades. The dream can be a reality but don’t do anything stupid to turn it into a nightmare.

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Getting recruited for college is extremely challenging. There are many twists and turns in the process. Let us guide you step-by-step through the challenges of the college recruiting process.

The Process Works

The Process Works




Woods Recruiting

The Best In The Business

The NCAA has various reports and studies that indicate a small percentage of high school student-athletes will end up at the college level. We believe 1% of high school student-athletes don’t need the help of a recruiting service.

Those student-athletes are the highly-ranked on all the national websites. Those student-athletes are privileged, so they can basically pick the college they wish to attend.

We believe that the remaining 99% of all high school student-athletes need the help of a recruiting service.

We believe Woods Recruiting is that recruiting service who can get the job done on behalf of student-athletes.

Our job is to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a college scholarship or a strong financial package.

We have many methods we use to reach out to college coaches from all levels, across all divisions throughout the country.

We are passionate in our pursuit of opportunities for all student-athletes who are part of Woods Recruiting.

  • We will contact college coaches.
  • We will follow-up with college coaches.
  • We’re will create a strong list of college programs to target.
  • Transparency. The parent and the student-athlete will know what we’re doing.
  • College placement is the ultimate goal.
  • We will continually update the Athletic Profile and video.
  • Consulting: Education, advice, and information.
  • Availability: Call. Ask questions. We’re here to help!

College Placement

College Placement

The ultimate goal is college placement. At Woods Recruiting, we will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a full athletic scholarship or a strong financial package to college. Put your trust in the process. We will not let you down!


Woods Recruiting

College Placement

The recruiting process is about getting to the next level. Our job is to get student-athletes recruited and placed in college.

Woods Recruiting has been in business since 1989. We have developed relationships with many college coaches in many different sports throughout the country.

There’s still a lot to be done in developing a network. There are a lot of college coaches and their job is to recruit the best players to help their program achieve lasting success.

Every college program is different and every college coach has a different need and a different opinion about student-athletes.

College placement is the ultimate goal for every talented high school student-athlete. We want to make that dream a reality for student-athletes we are working for at Woods Recruiting.

Recruiting is not easy, make no mistake about it. One of the problems is the number of college programs that have virtually remained the same. The number of student-athletes has dramatically increased over the years.

The bottom line is that there’s not enough scholarships or financial packages to go around.

There will be student-athletes who get lost in the recruiting process. There will definitely be student-athletes who will not get recruited by college coaches, that’s just how it is.

Working with Woods Recruiting, the probability is greater and the chances are greater for getting recruited, being seen, getting the exposure to college coaches, and ultimately getting placed in college.



Exposure to college coaches is one of the major key ingredients of getting recruited for college. If they don’t know about you, they can’t recruit you.


Exposure To College Programs

Recruiting is about exposure and getting your name out there.


Networking With College Coaches

We have developed a strong network with college coaches through the years.


Attention Is Critical

Without exposure, without a network, and without attention to college coaches you basically have nothing.

Exposure.  Networking.  Availability. Visibility. Expanding.

When it comes to exposure, this is one of the most critical components in the overall college recruiting process. Student-athletes across the country that need exposure are doing whatever they can to get exposure to these college coaches.

Without exposure to a long list of college programs on a consistent basis you have no chance whatsoever of getting recruited.

Just about every student-athlete plays on a club team or attends a camp.  Every student-athlete and their parents are doing everything they can to get as much exposure the college coaches.

Attention is critical. Without exposure you’re going to have a very hard time of getting recruited by any college coach. You could be the best player on your team or the best player in your city or town.

None of that matters when it comes to exposure. There’s just so many other student-athlete out there for college programs to recruit. If they don’t know about you, they no doubt cannot recruit you.

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Consulting With Woods Recruiting

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Avoid Critical Recruiting Mistakes

Learn. Educate. Information. Goals.

One of the biggest problems in recruiting is mistakes. We want to do everything we can to avoid mistakes. We’re talking about student-athletes and parents making wrong decisions in the recruiting process. Our job is to provide information and to direct parents in the appropriate direction.

The rules of the Recruiting process have virtually remained the same for decades. It is the interpretation of the rules of recruiting that are always changing. Sometimes the wrong decision can lead to a bad decision which can lead to wasting valuable time in recruiting. In the recruiting process you cannot waste time. A day lost in recruiting is a day wasted that you can never get back.

The student-athletes and parents who take on the recruiting process by themselves will no doubt make mistakes. It’s not because of a lack of effort, it is because of a lack of knowledge and experience.

Too many mistakes in recruiting could cost you months of valuable time. If you waste valuable time you could ruin your chances to find strong college scholarship opportunities.

With recruiting our job is to consult, to educate, to inform, to guide, and to assist the student-athlete and the parents in the right direction to avoid critical mistakes that could destroy their chances of going to college.

Woods Recruiting

We Will Help Build A Road Map For College Recruiting Success

When do you start the recruiting process? It’s often a question we hear all the time. Sadly, many parents of student-athletes don’t realize how critical recruiting is until it’s too late.

They rely heavily on an unconcerned high school coach. They put all of their trust into a club coach. They spend thousands of dollars going to camp and still nothing has changed positively for them with recruiting.

You’re doing all the right things and you’re doing what you think is best, but the results are still bad. Our job is to help guide you in the right direction.

  • The Exposure Process
  • The Rules Of Recruiting
  • Knowledge And Experience


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The Rules Of Recruiting

The Exposure Process


Going To Camp

Club Ball – Travel Ball

Targeting College Programs



Recruiting Goals

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