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About Al Woods

I used to be one of you.

From August 1989 to present day I ran my own recruiting service.

My experience comes from 33 years of service in this industry.

I have learned a lot from trial and error. I’ve made my share of mistakes, but I’ve also had great triumphs and victories along the way.

What’s troubling is the negative image placed on recruiting services.

I can understand the negativity and the hateful comments because some recruiting services screw it up and give the entire industry of black eye.

One of my goals is to help change the perception of recruiting services to the point where student-athletes and parents think of recruiting services as a positive force in helping student-athletes in the college recruiting process.

Our website, along with the blog, will be dedicated to educating College Scouts and working with recruiting services to help change the negative images and stereotypes that have plagued recruiting services for years.

My athletic experience.

I played basketball at all three levels. I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA where I attended Bayside High School and where I played  basketball.

I played my college ball at West Virginia State University, and professionally in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

My experience runs deep.

My knowledge of the process is thorough to the point where I want to show you strategies, help you develop techniques to achieve greater success, and achieve financial independence while helping to get student-athletes recruited and placed in college.

 Let’s work together to help change the negative perception of recruiting services!


  1. Will Neloms

    It is a WONDERFUL feeling to assist young people in their plight to better themselves and their situation.

  2. Will Neloms

    To show a young student/athlete how to start on the road to bettering themselves is a fulfilling experience.

    • Al Woods

      Thanks for the comment. It is an incredible feeling to be able to assist student-athletes in the recruiting process. Going from high school athlete to college athlete is extremely challenging, we all know that. It’s great that you are taking a proactive approach to assisting student-athletes. Continue the great work you’re doing. If there’s any suggestions that we can offer you feel free to reach out.


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