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About Al Woods

About Al Woods

About Al Woods

Outside of sports, my passion has always been the recruiting process.

From August 1989 to September 2018 I ran a recruiting service, Woods Recruiting, where I assisted thousands of student-athletes and parents in the day-to-day challenges of the process and placing thousands in college.

In all of those years, it seems like I’ve had conversations with a million and one parents, student-athletes, and coaches from all levels.

I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge through the years.

My first passion was basketball. I played high school basketball at Bayside High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In my college years, I played at West Virginia State College, and I played professionally in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have an amazing and unique insight on the recruiting process and I will share all of this knowledge on my website.

Woods Recruiting is based in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I grew up a Washington Redskins fan, but now I follow the Cleveland Browns and all Cleveland sports religiously. 

The first student-athlete I helped get recruited and placed in college gave me an amazing feeling of success.

I was able to change someone’s life for the better, helping them achieve their dreams and reach their goals.

This new chapter is about educating parents and student-athletes on the recruiting process and working with high school and club coaches as well.

My recruiting service days are over, that part is in the past, but it was an amazing experience. This new chapter will be just as fulfilling, rewarding, filled with enthusiasm and excitement. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with all of you. 


  1. Will Neloms

    It is a WONDERFUL feeling to assist young people in their plight to better themselves and their situation.

  2. Will Neloms

    To show a young student/athlete how to start on the road to bettering themselves is a fulfilling experience.

    • Al Woods

      Thanks for the comment. It is an incredible feeling to be able to assist student-athletes in the recruiting process. Going from high school athlete to college athlete is extremely challenging, we all know that. It’s great that you are taking a proactive approach to assisting student-athletes. Continue the great work you’re doing. If there’s any suggestions that we can offer you feel free to reach out.


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