I Want To Think It Over

I Want To Think It Over

Parents are notorious big-time thinkers. They want to think it over, they will tell you no thank you, and they will say no-we’re not interested. There is always some kind of objection to rattle your nerves and throw you off course. These are the parents.

Don’t let parents push you around, Turn the objection back around on the parents by asking why.

The human nature response when asking for something is to say, no thank you.

Parents are no different when it comes to the recruiting process. We are all conditioned to say no thank you, but in this situation you cannot accept that as the final word.

Dig deeper to find the hidden objection. Continue to push the parents a little further. It is your job to dig and push to uncover the why. It’s not a criminal or unprofessional thing to do. You are a professional College Scout and it is your job to sign them up and to get their kids to the next level.

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Why Do We Love High School Football

Why Do We Love High School Football

We love high school football I would think in large part because school pride may be a rivalry. 

We love high school football because of Hometown Pride. How awesome is it to get together on a Friday night to watch high school kids play football. 

It’s a great conversation to debate about what team is better, what player is better. Maybe your debate is around the kitchen table or your favorite Diner. Sometimes it can get intense when conversation is about high school football. 

Maybe you have a reason or two or your passion about high school football. 

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