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Michael Feltes

Michael Feltes

Recruiting Director: Western Michigan

Hello, my name is Michael Feltes and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the Recruiting Director for Woods Recruiting in the state of Michigan for high school athletes focused on continuing their athletic pursuits. I have a passion to see every high school athlete with the athletic ability and the appropriate academic standing to be able to continue as a collegiate athlete at the university that provides the best fit. I bring an array of experience across many sports.

I have coached high school football for eleven years. This has been at every level including Freshmen and JV Head Coaching positions as well as Freshmen and JV Defensive Coordinator positions at multiple divisions. Additionally, I bring 6 years of experience coaching at the Varsity level as a Defensive Line Coach as well as winning two State Championship in Division 5 in Michigan.

As mentioned above, I also have spent 5 years scouting multiple divisions at the high school level. Scouting has given me a different perspective in evaluating skill, talent and heart. Besides experience in coaching football, I have also coached 16-18 year-old baseball All Stars for a complete season while stationed in Bitburg, Germany serving in the United States Air Force.

In addition to my coaching experience, I have been blessed to play basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and tennis in high school. The experiences I have had at the high school level in the sports listed above have allowed me to gain expertise in evaluating talent and assisting student athletes in pursuing their passion in finding a suitable fit/match to continue competing at the collegiate level. I look forward to assisting the student athletes in not only meeting but exceeding their athletic and academic goals.

Stanley Scott

Stanley Scott

Recruiting Director: Houston, Texas

35 years of coaching experience in high school, junior college, and a short stint in Europe, I feel that I am more than qualified to help young athletes realize their future in college athletics.

I have been in some very good programs and helped others build winning programs. Along the way I have coached some very talented athletes.

Some of these athletes went on to play pro football and baseball, but the one thing that always got me were the ones no one recruited.

College coaches are under a lot of stress and, unlike the days of old, the NCAA has cut scholarships and the cut to the number of coaches a program can have, the recruiting process has become very selective and they tend to ignore the player who is not in someone’s top 100 lists, thus passing on some great talent.

I feel that my job as a college recruiter is to get every athlete that can compete at the college level the chance to do so. This position allows me to do while as a coach I was unable to do, with teaching 6 to 7 classes a day, grading papers and coaching, it did not allow us time to talk to all the college coaches we needed to.

Time available to a high school coach is very limited and thus the process of recruiting lacks the attention it needs. If the college coach does not come to the high school then they will not be contacted most of the time. This is where I can help fill in the void that is left.

Location also plays a great role in recruiting by colleges. The smaller schools outside cities are ignored for the most part. Schools that do not make the play-offs constantly are left off the board.

I coached at one school on the border in Mexico and the colleges basically said because of this ethnic group they could not play college sports. While I was there and in charge of recruiting we sent football players to the University of Texas, University of Nebraska, University of Tennessee, Mayville State (North Dakota), and several other colleges. We sent numerous baseball players to colleges all over the state of Texas. Even got a couple of basketball players scholarships. The point is that location is part of the recruiting process. As a college recruiter I can get the athletes that can compete at the next level recognized and showcase their abilities.

Gemma-Marie Alhambra

Gemma Alhambra
Point Guard
5’6″ 125 lbs
Class of 2017 at  C.E. Ellison High School in Killeen, TX
Academics: GPA: 3.4 SAT: 950 ACT: 16
Potential Major: Chemistry

It is very important to have a “coach on the floor.” You have found her! Coaches are you ready? Gemma is a true point guard that is very fun to watch. Watching her is worth the price of admission. Gemma has great court vision and shines in full and half court action. She is as equally exciting on the defensive side of the floor.  She does not back down and does not worry about sacrificing her offensive abilities when her best defensive game is needed to stop an opponent.

Why should you be interested in Gemma?  You should be interested in Gemma because she is the definition of a point guard. Point guards are said to have the most comprehensive set of basketball skills on the team, sets up the offense, can pass, dribble, shoot, move efficiently, and defend or stay in front of most players. On the court, Gemma is a dynamic player and positive influence on the team. She is a floor general and a true point guard. She has the ability to break defenders down off the dribble. She has good lateral movement and goes hard to the basket. She can keep defenses honest as she can hit the open jumper if needed.  She is definitely a threat on both ends of the floor.

She is a member of the National Society Of High School Scholars and is ranked in the top 15% of her class. Gemma also volunteers at Killeen Family in Crisis Homeless Shelter as a scorekeeper for Killeen Parks and Recreation games, and an assistant coach for kids sports.

Recruiting Intangibles:     Coachability Intelligence Instincts Court Awareness Mental Toughness

Final Thoughts:    
Gemma leads by example in the classroom and on and off the court. She is a Distinguished Academic All-District 2013 to present, 1st Team All-District 2016-2017, and 2nd Team All-District 2015-2016.  She carries herself with honor and respect for her coaches, teammates, and her school.  As shown by her giving nature as a volunteer, she will bring great credit to the college/university that she attends.

James Reyes

James Reyes: High School Football Recruit 2019. Height 5’10, Weight 195lbs.

Sophomore :  Bonduel High School Bonduel, WI. Academics: GPA: N/A ACT: N/A SAT: N/A

This young man is a student of the game. He’s constantly studying the game of football, looking for ways to get better. His dream has always been to play college football at the highest level.

We believe he has the talent and the physical athletic ability to compete at the college level. If this young man was to get into the right football program and receive outstanding coaching, we believe his athletic ability would greatly improve.

Because of James’ willingness to accept coaching and the work he puts in year-round, we believe strongly that he has the potential to start as a college freshman.

Having the opportunity to meet James your coaching staff will be very impressed with this young man. James is very goal-oriented and we believe your coaching staff should take a serious look at James Reyes. James has the skills to change an entire game with his athletic ability, his incredible work ethic, and his passion to succeed.

Recruiting Intangibles:

1. Coachable

2. He’s a student of the game

3. Loves football

4. Has attended many camps and showcases

5. James has been on Varsity Since his freshman year

Final Thoughts:

James is passionate about football.

He is a student of the game and has the one things coaches can’t teach: Desire!

Take a serious look today at James Reyes, he will not let you down. His brother Derek McCartney is a current member of the University of Colorado football team.

Ashley Ford

Ashley Ford, Position: Guard 5’9″, 165 lbs

Class of 2017 at Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, Oklahoma

Academics:  GPA: 2.8

Potential Major: Animal Science

Recruiting Intangibles:  

1. Toughness

2. Decision-making

3. Physicality

4. Decisiveness

5. Determination

Ashley slices, dices, and carves up defenses with her ability to get to the basket anytime she wants. Ashley has the body of a forward with the skills of a guard. She can be a matchup nightmare for teams as she can take bigger players off the dribble and also back down smaller players. She understands how to draw additional defenders and then find an open teammate.

Ashley has the playmaking ability that all good teams need to sustain or build a winning program.  She would be a welcomed addition to any program that she signs with.

Ashley’s coaches see her as a very strong athlete that gets to the basket with ease.  She can wreak havoc on zones from the elbow to short corner.  She has a decent mid-range jumper and can keep defenses honest.

Final Thoughts:

A different path does not mean that it is the wrong path.  The JUCO path is not easy for most as some “give up”.  These are two words that you will not hear from Ashley Ford.  It’s simply not allowed.

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