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The Problem With Baseball Recruiting

The Problem With Baseball Recruiting

The Problem With Baseball Recruiting

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

What is unseen counts for nothing.

As you already know, exposure is a critical component in baseball recruiting. If they don’t know about you they can’t recruit you. The problem with baseball recruiting is there’s a lot of baseball players and someone is going to get overlooked by college coaches.

The number of college programs has virtually remained the same for decades. The number of student-athletes playing baseball has increased dramatically over the last several decades.

What are you going to do to get the attention of college baseball programs?

The Obvious Solutions Are Simple.

  • Go to camp.
  • Play on a travel team.
  • Play in tournaments.
  • Have a lot of video.
  • Work with your high school coach.
  • Work with your club coach.
  • Excel at tournaments.
  • Be amazing during your high school season.
  • Good grades.

Now let’s address these bullet points individually.

Go To Camp: Everyone goes to camp. Every summer, college baseball programs has their oncampus camps. It costs money to go to these camps, but I believe it’s an amazing way to get exposure. Sometimes these college camps are invite-only. If you are privileged to be invited then you need to be amazingly prepared to excel aggressively and give it everything you’ve got to showcase your talent and skills in front of college coaches who could have a major impact on your life.

Play On A Travel Team: This is a no-brainer. Playing on a travel team is a must. It would be almost like trying to play a baseball game without your glove, you would look ridiculous. Playing on the travel team is going to get you exposure in front of college coaches who could possibly be in attendance. This is also an opportunity for you to get better. This is also an opportunity for you to videotape your batting practices, workouts, and your entire game. This is where you can showcase your talents and, by all means, give it everything you’ve got.

Play In Tournaments: If you’re on a travel team and not playing in tournaments you need to quit that team and find another. It’s all about showcasing the talents that you have developed over your lifetime. It would be foolish to play a baseball game in a tournament that your parents have invested a lot of money in and there’s no college coaches there. That would be like performing on American Idol and there’s no judges to evaluate your performance. It would be a waste of time and embarrassing.

Have A Lot Of Video: Video is the voice for the voiceless. It’s critical that you have a lot of video. College coaches go by what they see. You need to have video of batting practice. You need to have video of all your games. You need to have videos of all your workouts. I cannot stress enough how important video is.  College coaches may not be able to see all of your games or attend all of your tournaments, so it’s critical to have your video. Be sure to invest in good equipment. It will be worth the investment I guarantee it.

Work With Your High School Coach: Your high school coach is going to help develop you as a baseball player. You’re going to learn different techniques and skills that will help you be the best baseball player that you can possibly be. The recruiting process is challenging. Your high school coach may have relationships with many college programs. Talk with your coach to determine what level of college you can play at and figure out a strategy to target those college programs.

Work With Your Club Coach: Your club coach is also a valuable asset. He’s going to help you with continued development as a baseball player. Your club coach may also have relationships and connections with college baseball programs. You’re going to need your club coach because the summer is critical in baseball recruiting. You need to be showcasing your talent during the summer tournament showcase club season. It’s just that critical.

Excel At Tournaments: We talked about how exposure is critical. You’re going to be playing in tournaments showcasing your talents in front of college coaches. You should approach the tournament as though it is the World Series. Every time spent at bat, it’s the World Series; every time in the field, it’s the World Series.  Your goal as a baseball player is to take your talents to the next level which is college. If you do not give your best every moment you’re out there you’re cheating yourself. Showcase your talent as though you are playing in the World Series where millions of people are watching you play. Be spectacular! Be amazing! All the time.

Be Amazing During Your High School Season: Every opportunity you have to be on the baseball field is an opportunity to showcase your talent. Every day is an opportunity to be amazing. You don’t know if this is going to be your last baseball game, your last practice, your last workout or the last time you’ll ever be on video. You have no way of knowing that. What you want to do is to give it everything you’ve got when you have that opportunity to do so. Be amazing during your high school season.

Good Grades: Let me be clear: If you have bad grades you will be invisible to college coaches. For every hour you spend developing your baseball athletic ability, equal time should be devoted to academics. They don’t give away baseball scholarships. Academic money is based on a strong grade point average and even stronger standardized test scores. Sometimes the message of good grades falls on deaf ears with many baseball student-athletes. You may be the next amazing baseball talent, but if you have grades that are suspect it won’t even matter what kind of talent you have.

Final Thoughts:  Baseball student-athletes are amazing. Baseball is a special sport because you play every day. Every day is a day to erase the past and begin anew. Every day you have an opportunity to do something different, to be the best, and to showcase your talent.

The last time I checked no one was buying a ticket to watch someone take a math exam. You have to buy a ticket to watch a high school baseball game. Student-athlete is a special title that brings a huge amount of responsibility.

You only get one chance to go from high school baseball student-athlete to college athlete. It’s critical that you do everything in your power to achieve that goal. There are a lot of baseball student-athletes all fighting for that particular scholarship that awaits you.

You need to stand out athletically as well as academically to gain the attention of college programs. You have worked for this opportunity your entire life.

These will be moments that will be extremely special, that you will remember forever on how the recruiting process worked for you.

All your games, your coaches, and your teammates will be memories that will last a lifetime and now you want to take it to the college level.

That’s the end game, the ultimate goal. An education is amazing and will last you a lifetime. You don’t want to live a life of a minimum wage employee because you had a minimum wage work ethic and now you’re going to have a minimum wage lifestyle.

Avoid that way of life and give it everything you’ve got on the baseball field. When you’re given an opportunity to showcase your talent, I guarantee that you will be the best if you just work at it.

AAU Basketball Recruiting Problems

AAU Basketball Recruiting Problems

AAU Basketball Recruiting Problems

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

You are a needle in a haystack when it comes to basketball recruiting. Have you ever noticed when you’re playing AAU basketball at tournaments, how many thousands of players are there?

 All of those talented AAU basketball players are in search of recognition from college coaches. They’re looking for an opportunity to be seen and they are looking for exposure.

The problem with basketball recruiting is that there are so many players that not everyone will be seen. You may be very talented. You may have the size.

You may have the grades and all the positive intangibles, but if that college coach is not standing near the court where you’re playing you might as well be invisible.

AAU Basketball Recruiting Problems

I have heard it from hundreds of parents over all my years of being involved with recruiting, how the college coaches are not paying attention to them. They’re more interested in what’s on their phone.

They’re just not interested or are preoccupied with something else. It’s frustrating to the parent who observes the behavior of college coaches. The student-athlete is more focused on the game while the parent is paying close attention to every move a college coach is making.

Have you ever tried to email or text a college coach to let them know that you were at this particular tournament? Sometimes the response is no response.

They may respond saying they didn’t see you at the game. Worst still, they may say something like I didn’t know you were going to be there. It’s frustrating for the parent and the student-athlete because you’ve spent your money, your time, and your effort to be at that tournament and you’ve got nothing to show for it. That’s one of the major problems with AAU basketball recruiting.


  • Inform the college coach which tournament you will be attending.
  • Email the college coach.
  • Send them a fax.
  • Send a text message.
  • Reach out to them on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Call their office phone and leave a voicemail.

By any means necessary reach out to that college coach to inform them which tournament you’ll be playing in. Give them the dates, times, the name of your club team and the name of your club coach.

If there’s a program or a roster or any other important literature available make sure the college coach gets it.

Also, this is very important. A lot of people will follow this strategy that I’m talking about right now. The problem is they will only do it once. You need to send this information out every two weeks or months prior to the AAU basketball tournament or any tournament you’re going to be playing at.

It’s critical to be aggressive with college coaches. You’re not being pushy. If you were being pushy then so what, who cares. Your future as a basketball player is riding on the recognition, the exposure, and the attention you need to get from college coaches.

If you have to be overly aggressive or pushy go for it. You only get one chance to go from a basketball athlete at the high school level to the college level and you need to do everything in your power to get as much exposure as possible.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake about it, recruiting is hard and, for the most part, the process sucks. It’s confusing for most student-athletes and parents to figure out and a lot of people just don’t try.

When you’re involved with AAU basketball, that is the vehicle you need to get exposure to college coaches. The summer months are critical in the recruiting process.

It’s very important that you are being seen and it’s important that you let the college coaches know what’s going on always. Remember, college coaches are recruiting student-athletes year-round.

Why not tell them your story? Why not let them know what you’re all about and what you’re doing in terms of tournaments, your grades, and any type of activity you’re involved in to keep them informed.

You want that scholarship, but so does everyone else.

What are you going to do to separate yourself from all the other student-athletes who are at those tournaments?Look around the next time you’re at a tournament and look at the thousands of players that are there.

They’re all in search of the same thing just like you. Exposure, recognition, and a college scholarship. What are you going to do to separate yourself?

You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process

You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process

You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Have you ever been to the airport waiting to catch a flight and at the last moment it pops up on one of those little TV monitors saying your flight has been delayed?

You feel pissed off and a little frustrated because you’re going to have to wait hours before the next flight.

Recruiting can piss you off, also.

The process is too long, too confusing with too many details and too many twists and turns.

By senior year high school, student-athletes should basically be a done deal when it comes to recruiting and being offered a scholarship opportunity.

You should have at least a dozen of college programs recruiting you and ultimately making your final choices on where you wish to attend school in the fall.

Far too often student-athletes are entering senior year without a clue whatsoever where they will be taking their talents.

For some odd reason, student-athletes and parents believe the recruiting process begins at the end of senior year.

The senior year is when recruiting process should be coming to a conclusion with the final outcome almost determined.

Many student-athletes will go through their entire senior year with no clue whatsoever where they will be attending college. Their strategies of getting exposure to college coaches were weak, ineffective, and clearly did not work.

For those student-athletes who decided to take action in their senior year, all is not lost. There are still opportunities available.

Those opportunities are limited and you may have to accept an opportunity that really wasn’t high on your list of college programs. After parents wake up from their long college recruiting nap they realize they need to seek out college recruiting help from the college recruiting experts at Woods Recruiting.

The parents of student-athletes are fully aware with their eyes wide open when they realize that they should have taken action sooner.

Woods Recruiting has always been there, you just wanted to put us on hold to see what you could get on your own for free.

College programs are still available. College programs are still out there even if you begin the recruiting process senior year of high school for midway through. The problem is that the availability of college programs is shrinking.

What I have heard a million and one times from these student-athletes and parents, especially those who lost out on college recruiting opportunities, “ I wish I knew about you a year ago.”  I’ve heard that ridiculous quote from parents in my long illustrious career running Woods Recruiting.

I laugh because it’s the exact same quote said exactly the same way from thousands of different parents who don’t even know each other.

I often wondered why these parents did not take action a year ago instead of waiting to see what would happen. Now their sons and daughters college athletic futures have been destroyed, totally ruined, and may be impossible to recover from.

I’ve seen student-athletes who screwed up the recruiting process begin to chase college programs in this game of musical chairs.

It’s important to understand that you should begin the recruiting process as soon as possible, 10th grade year or 11th grade year is ideal.

What is even more troubling in the recruiting process is the lack of urgency on the part of parents.

They believe they have all the time in the world to seek out proper representation, information, and resources in recruiting.

The college recruiting time-clock is ticking when a student-athlete enters high school as a freshman.

Every day lost is a day that cannot be made up.

Recruiting is not like shopping for clothes or groceries, you can do those things on your own time and when you feel like it.

The reason is because the groceries will be there, the clothes will always be there but, quality college programs will not always be there. College coaches are moving on to other student athletes who are showing interest in their programs.

The college coach has not heard of you. The college coach has no reason whatsoever to wait for you. College coaches are moving on to other student-athletes every day.

Too many student-athletes and parents are still stuck trying to figure out what they’re going to do first when it comes to recruiting. Too bad for them.

Procrastination Will Kill You

Procrastination Will Kill You

Procrastination Will Kill You

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

I have had a million and one conversations with parents of high school student-athletes.

In all my years of running a college recruiting service, a huge percentage of parents want to wait on the recruiting process.

When they say that to me I’m already thinking they are doomed for failure.

College coaches are identifying student-athletes in their 10th and 11th grade year of high school.

They’re not identifying who these kids are in senior year because they don’t care about high school seniors and because the recruiting process requires a lengthy evaluation process.

The critical evaluation process of student-athletes could be a year or two prior to senior year.

Parents not understanding this process fully are making critical mistakes and wasting valuable time believing a college coach will find their son or daughter just because.

It takes more than one day to buy a house. Those who are interested in buying a home will certainly look at many different houses before they select the right one.

You’re going to do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing a home. You’re just not going to buy the home on first glance.

You must find the right price for the house that you’re interested in buying. It has to be in the right neighborhood with the right schools and shopping, and the community has to be the right community for you and your family to live in.

You have to do all of those things in the process of purchasing a home because it is a valuable and very serious investment.

That is the same approach that college coaches have towards recruiting student-athletes.

The process could take a year or two or even longer.

College coaches are not going to sign a student-athlete without proper evaluation and careful due diligence.

Please understand that the recruiting process is all about getting the student-athlete’s name into the hands of as many college programs as possible. Not just one or two!

Far too many parents delay this process and, for the life of me, I have never been able to understand why.

Procrastination in the recruiting process is certain death.

I’ve seen it happen far too many times where student-athletes who are talented, but have delayed this process end up being under-recruited or not recruited at all.

This is not a game you want to play around with if you want your student-athlete to play their sport in college!

My advice to parents of student-athletes is to seek out college recruiting help as soon as possible.

In the recruiting process procrastination is a disease.

Those student-athletes who are not in the 1% category have taken full advantage of the college recruiting process in the earliest possible way without delay or procrastination.

College recruiting procrastination is a sickness and there is no treatment for it.

It is slow motion, it is no motion, it is no action, that parents are taking. That is how I can best describe the destruction parents are about to face in the recruiting process.

Bottom line, you are not going to get recruited for college by sitting back on the sidelines and doing nothing.

My strongest advice would be to seek out Woods Recruiting and to utilize our valuable knowledge and resources.

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

The college recruiting process does not care who you are.

The college recruiting process plays no favorites.

The college recruiting process does not care where you live.

The college recruiting process does not care how much money your parents make.

The college recruiting process does not care what color you are.

The college recruiting process only cares about superior student athletes with very good grades.

It is important to understand the recruiting process begins very early. Ninth or tenth grade year in my opinion is when the recruiting process begins.

Parents of high school student-athletes need to understand that just because your son or daughter is in the 9th or 10th grade does not mean you have all the time in the world.

The rules of the college recruiting process are very strict, very rigid, very demanding, and very confusing.

Parents, you are already wasting valuable time by sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing.

Think of the recruiting process as having a large coupon book.

Your coupon book is a valuable book to have because it offers so many things.

For example:

Video. You’re going to have a video of your son or daughter performing athletically.

Video is a great thing to have because college coaches will evaluate student-athletes based on video and determine if they want to proceed with recruiting.

You have just used up a coupon.

Club Ball Or Travel Ball. Every high school sport has some kind of club or travel ball component attached to it.

This is where student-athletes are playing during the summer months at various tournaments and camps all across the country.

College coaches are in attendance at many of these events.

But you have no way of knowing if a college coach is interested in your son or daughter.

How do you know they are watching your son or daughter play?

You have absolutely no way of ever knowing if a college coach is interested in you.

You just used up another coupon in your book of coupons.

The High School Coach. The old rules of recruiting suggest it is the high school coaches’ responsibilities to handle all aspects of recruiting.

That strategy of recruiting no longer works and is highly ineffective.

High school coaches do not have the time to help their student-athletes get recruited; it’s almost impossible.

Many high school coaches are teachers collecting a full time salary and they are coaching on the side getting a small part time paycheck. High school coaches have struggled with the recruiting process for decades and will continue to do so because of the lack of time, resources, energy, and effort.

It is just too confusing and extremely time-consuming, which are the rigors of the recruiting process to be executed effectively by high school coaches.

Many parents don’t know that relying heavily on the high school coach’s opinion and so-called expertise, could result in very disappointing outcomes.

You have just now used up another coupon in your book of free college recruiting coupons.

Going At It Alone. Many parents have decided to tackle the responsibility of recruiting on their own.

This is a very risky proposition.  

I personally don’t know anything about cars, very little.

If I go under the hood of a car attempting to fix something more than likely I’m going to mess something up, causing me a great deal of money, a huge waste of time and a lot of frustration.  

Parents of student-athletes have partaken the recruiting process on their own with frustrating results.

Time is wasted because of mistakes.

The results are weak and disappointing.

Now the parents have used up another valuable free college recruiting coupon.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve used up all your college recruiting coupons basically, all of your options have also been depleted and you’ve wasted valuable time.

You have also lost time that cannot ever be replaced and now you are backed into a corner with no way out.

Many parents will go through the various scenarios I’ve described wasting months of valuable time.

The student-athlete will now end up either not going to college at all because no college programs know about them or they will end up at a college program way beneath their athletic ability.

Stop wasting time! Take action now!

Parents, please understand that if you delay the process because you want to use all the free college recruiting options, you are going to run the risk of your student-athlete not getting recruited for college at all.

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