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Pete Pokela

Pete Pokela

Area Scout: Green Bay, Wisconsin

My name is Pete Pokela. Student-athletes and their families are my main priority. I utilize a professional and honest approach to attain opportunities for your student-athlete to attend college and flourish in academics, athletics, and life. Consistent communication is vital to the process. I am readily available to answer any questions you may have.

I have built, and will continue to build a solid network of high school and college coaches. I have also enlisted several academic and athletic services that enhance all aspects of the student-athletes that I work with.

I was a three-sport athlete playing football, basketball, and golf. I have coached area kids for the past 20 years in a multitude of sports. I have also coached my three children in several sports so I know the love and pride involved with raising a student-athlete.

I will use all tools available to help make a bright future even brighter for all student-athletes I have the fortune of working with.

Tyshana Ray

Tyshana Ray: PG  5’3”, 113 lbs

Class of 2018  at Copperas Cove High School in Copperas, TX

GPA: 3.23

Recruiting Intangibles:    






Simply put, Tyshana is a spark plug.  The saying, “Defense wins championships and offense sells tickets” is about to get an upgrade. If you look up an image of intensity, you’ll see her picture.   Tyshana is as aggressive a defender that you will see.  One would think that the ball belongs to her as she continually pressures the ball handler.  She is easily a compliment to any team that she is a member of.

In a situation where your team needs a possession, you can look to Tyshana.  She is more than ready for a challenge.  She wouldn’t have it any other way.  Do not let her fool you though, she will take the ball to the hoop when needed.

Tyshana is very coachable and passionate about the game of basketball.  She is growing as a leader and can blossom into a great one if she stays the path.

So, are you ready to bring more intensity to your team? Are you ready to bring a solid student-athlete on campus?  Are you ready for Tyshana?  She’s ready!

Final Thoughts:  

Tyshana is focused on being the best that she can be, on the floor and off.  If you want to know more, she will gladly talk to you about it.

Kaitlyn Collins

Kaitlyn Collins: 5’3, 180lbs.

Red Lion Area Senior High School

Class of 2019, GPA: 3.64

I’m a very hardworking and dedicated player. I’m willing to put in the extra work to be a step ahead. I also am a very focused and game aware player. I am constantly thinking the play ahead and the situation or play the team needs to do to achieve our goal. Lastly, I’m a team player. I’m always there to pick up my teammates and cheer them on.

I want to play in college because I simply love the sport of softball and respect it so much. And what better way to show that than to play it at one of the highest levels possible? I don’t know where I would be today without softball and I want to continue the passion of playing it.

My teammates would describe me as always being upbeat and always smiling. They would also describe me as a leader because I’ve been a team captain for both years I’ve been on varsity. They would say I’m caring because I’m always there for them whether it’s in or out of softball. Lastly, that I’m a very game aware player because I’m always a step ahead.

My best varsity games were last year during my freshman year when I won All-county and All-state. Also, when my old travel team won 10u “A” Pony states after I hit the game winning RBI to win 5-4. Lastly, when I played in California and Georgia with NGS premier 18u.

Michael Feltes

Michael Feltes

Recruiting Director: Western Michigan

Hello, my name is Michael Feltes and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the Recruiting Director for Woods Recruiting in the state of Michigan for high school athletes focused on continuing their athletic pursuits. I have a passion to see every high school athlete with the athletic ability and the appropriate academic standing to be able to continue as a collegiate athlete at the university that provides the best fit. I bring an array of experience across many sports.

I have coached high school football for eleven years. This has been at every level including Freshmen and JV Head Coaching positions as well as Freshmen and JV Defensive Coordinator positions at multiple divisions. Additionally, I bring 6 years of experience coaching at the Varsity level as a Defensive Line Coach as well as winning two State Championship in Division 5 in Michigan.

As mentioned above, I also have spent 5 years scouting multiple divisions at the high school level. Scouting has given me a different perspective in evaluating skill, talent and heart. Besides experience in coaching football, I have also coached 16-18 year-old baseball All Stars for a complete season while stationed in Bitburg, Germany serving in the United States Air Force.

In addition to my coaching experience, I have been blessed to play basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and tennis in high school. The experiences I have had at the high school level in the sports listed above have allowed me to gain expertise in evaluating talent and assisting student athletes in pursuing their passion in finding a suitable fit/match to continue competing at the collegiate level. I look forward to assisting the student athletes in not only meeting but exceeding their athletic and academic goals.

Stanley Scott

Stanley Scott

Recruiting Director: Houston, Texas

35 years of coaching experience in high school, junior college, and a short stint in Europe, I feel that I am more than qualified to help young athletes realize their future in college athletics.

I have been in some very good programs and helped others build winning programs. Along the way I have coached some very talented athletes.

Some of these athletes went on to play pro football and baseball, but the one thing that always got me were the ones no one recruited.

College coaches are under a lot of stress and, unlike the days of old, the NCAA has cut scholarships and the cut to the number of coaches a program can have, the recruiting process has become very selective and they tend to ignore the player who is not in someone’s top 100 lists, thus passing on some great talent.

I feel that my job as a college recruiter is to get every athlete that can compete at the college level the chance to do so. This position allows me to do while as a coach I was unable to do, with teaching 6 to 7 classes a day, grading papers and coaching, it did not allow us time to talk to all the college coaches we needed to.

Time available to a high school coach is very limited and thus the process of recruiting lacks the attention it needs. If the college coach does not come to the high school then they will not be contacted most of the time. This is where I can help fill in the void that is left.

Location also plays a great role in recruiting by colleges. The smaller schools outside cities are ignored for the most part. Schools that do not make the play-offs constantly are left off the board.

I coached at one school on the border in Mexico and the colleges basically said because of this ethnic group they could not play college sports. While I was there and in charge of recruiting we sent football players to the University of Texas, University of Nebraska, University of Tennessee, Mayville State (North Dakota), and several other colleges. We sent numerous baseball players to colleges all over the state of Texas. Even got a couple of basketball players scholarships. The point is that location is part of the recruiting process. As a college recruiter I can get the athletes that can compete at the next level recognized and showcase their abilities.

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