Begin the college recruiting process right away. Go with Woods Recruiting because of our team of dedicated and experienced scouts who will guide you every step of the way.

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Exposure To College Coaches

The main objective at Woods Recruiting is to ensure that student athletes get as much exposure to college programs as possible. The best way to achieve that goal is to hire top-notch college recruiting scouts.

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The Recruiting Process

The college recruiting process is a jigsaw puzzle. At Woods Recruiting, I’m looking to hire scouts who can help parents and student athletes put that recruiting jigsaw puzzle together.

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How strong are you in the classroom?  Grades play a critical factor in the eyes of college coaches.  Continue to study and work hard in the classroom.

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Level of College

Student athletes, you’ve got to ask yourself this question:  At what level of college do you believe you can play?  Let our scouts at Woods Recruiting evaluate and determine the level of college you can play.

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The rules of the college recruiting process are always changing.  Woods Recruiting is NCAA approved.  We have a direct pipeline to the NCAA where we stay up to date on current rule changes and breaking news.

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An athletic scholarship is what every student athlete is hoping for.  Our goal at Woods Recruiting is to put the student athlete in the best possible position to earn a full athletic scholarship.

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High School Athletics

Woods Recruiting has experienced scouts, many of whom specialize in a variety of high school athletics.  Regardless of the sport, Woods Recruiting has scouts who are experienced and understand your sport.

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Woods Recruiting

Woods Recruiting is a college recruiting service where we work with student athletes from all over the country.

We employ college recruiting scouts who are spread out across the country assisting student athletes and their parents with the recruiting process. Our website publishes blog posts on strategies on how to navigate the recruiting process along with Athletic Profiles of high school student athletes.

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All Colleges

At Woods Recruiting, we assist student athletes at all college levels.  We work with Division I, Division II, and Division III, The NAIA, and junior college programs.

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College Coaches

There are thousands of college coaches all across the country whose job it is to recruit talented student athletes.  Our focus at Woods Recruiting is to put your name into the hands of as many college coaches as possible.

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The Beginning

The college recruiting process is beginning earlier than ever before.  To stay ahead of the constant changes in the recruiting process we believe it’s critical for student athletes and parents to take action immediately.

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Got A Question? Just Ask Us!

I’m sure you may have a lot of questions about the college recruiting process.  Feel free to ask us a question about anything related to the recruiting process.

Please know that your question may be used in a future podcast where we will provide an answer or a solution to your question.

The college recruiting process is not an easy process; there are many challenges along the way.

Information about the recruiting process is critical and can make the difference in a student athlete getting recruited and placed in college.

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