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Woods Recruiting

We are deeply passionate about the college recruiting process. Our goal is to represent student-athletes in the college recruiting process. We will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a college scholarship or strong financial package for college.

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Understanding the complicated recruiting process is not easy. Going from high school athlete to college athlete is extremely confusing. Our goal is to help guide you step-by-step through the college recruiting process. Exposure to college programs is critical. If college coaches don’t know about you, they cannot recruit you. The more exposure a student-athlete has increases their chances of getting recruited. You want your name out there. You want college coaches to know who you are. Our goal is to get you recruited, get you exposure, and get you placed in college.

Exposure.  Recruitment. College Placement.

When To Start The Recruiting Process

Recruiting is hard. The process is long and sometimes confusing.

Recharge The Recruiting Process

If the college recruiting process has slowed down for high school seniors, you must move into attack mode.

Information Overload Of Recruiting

It is information overload that causes a lot of confusion with parents.

I Want To Help You Get Recruited For College

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