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A recruiting service is going to cut to the chase and get to the heart of the problem that many student athletes have to deal with every year, which is lack of exposure to college programs. You need a recruiting service because of the expert experience, the overall knowledge and network connections to college coaches.


The Nationwide Team Of Scouts

Woods Recruiting is looking to add scouts to its already growing team of nationwide college recruiting scouts.


Woods Recruiting Will Give You

College Recruiting Process In The Eyes Of Parents

The college recruiting process in the eyes of parents and student athletes is a jigsaw puzzle that is almost impossible to complete.  It is extremely important that parents and student athletes seek out the advice of trained, professional college recruiting scouts.

The Process

The college recruiting process is a long series of steps that must take place in order to get recruited and placed in college.

Selecting College Programs

Choosing the right college program can make the difference in getting recruited or being overlooked.

The Deadly Game Of Procrastination

Procrastination, on the part of parents and many student athletes, has often caused major problems in the recruiting process that cannot be fixed.

Are You Being Recruited?

Just because you got a letter from a college does not mean you’re being recruited. Recruiting is much more than just receiving a few letters or a phone call or two.

Why Woods Recruiting?

There are thousands of recruiting services across the country. Why go with Woods Recruiting?

Desperate Times

Many times desperation becomes a tragic circumstance of the college recruiting process. Desperation only comes from procrastination on the part of student athletes and parents.

Fear, Anxiety, Frustration, Anger!

The college recruiting process is not easy. The college recruiting process brings a certain level of frustration and anger.

Lack Of Recruiting Knowledge

One of the biggest things I see every year in recruiting is the lack of real recruiting knowledge from parents.

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