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Woods Recruiting, where student-athletes’ voices will be heard. It’s all about the exposure, getting recruited and placed in college. That is our number one objective.

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Slipping Through The Cracks

The alarm bells are going off and ringing loudly because there are still talented student-athletes slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process and no one is listening.

They're No Longer Babies

Let them fly solo. They’ve earned their wings, let them go. We’re talking about student-athletes. They’re now in a position of recruitment. Leave them alone, let them fly.

Fears Anxieties Frustrations

Anxiety is a huge problem in the recruiting process because it is created mainly because student athletes and parents. Educate yourself on the process.

Recruiting Represents Many Challenges

Going from high school athlete to college athlete is extremely time-consuming. What’s critical in this process is to take action now.

Disappointment Unsigned Senior Event

Desperation best describes how high school seniors feel at this point of their athletic lives.    

Recruiting Process Luxury Item

Lack of education about recruiting is one of the reasons for college recruiting failure on the part of high school student-athletes and the parents who influence student athletes decisions about recruiting sometimes.

Student Athletes Will Never Get Recruited

Are you going to be one of the millions of high school student athletes who never get recruited for college?

Why Do You Need A Recruiting Service

You need a recruiting service because of the expert experience, the overall knowledge and network connections to college coaches.

The Three Reasons College Coaches Don't Like You

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Knowing College Recruiting Process Works Half Battle

The problem is the recruiting process takes a long time to explain and even longer to figure out.

Strategies Student Athletes Can Use To Set The World On Fire

Each year you should be able to show athletic development and growth because this will help you get recruited by college programs.

Shocking Truth Student Athletes Don't Get Pick

Every high school student athlete is not privileged enough to choose where they’re going to attend college over another school. A huge percentage of high school players have to actually gain the attention of college coaches for them to let you know whether they want you or not.

Woods Recruiting Is The Right Fit For You

Mowing the lawn. You could cut your own grass or hire someone to do it for you. Sometimes, with our busy lifestyles and world, we may not have time for yard work, so you would hire a trained professional to do it. The problem with doing your own recruiting is knowing how to begin; what to do first, what to do next, what to do overall.

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(216) 245-3170

No Do Overs In The Recruiting Process

Think about all the sacrifices a student athlete has made over the years leading up to a potential college scholarship. A huge amount of work and of effort has gone into preparing a student athlete for life as a college student athlete. In a student athlete’s journey to achieve exposure and recognition with college programs, if the process of recruiting has not been handled correctly there are no do-overs.

Voicemail And Text:

(216) 245-3170

Client Testimonials

It’s not your fault if you are slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process. There’s just not enough college programs for all the student-athletes who are looking to get recruited. Exposure is the key. If they don’t know about you, they can’t recruit you.

Al Woods

You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete. You must do everything in your power as a student-athlete, with your parents’ help, to achieve the goal of college placement. Failure cannot be an option; the goal is a college scholarship. 

Woods Recruiting

In terms of recruiting, what works for one student-athlete may not work for another regarding the steps needed to take to get placed in college.

Al Woods

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Woods Recruiting: Where we make miracles happen!

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