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A totally different career path for many who are already involved in sports.

Outside of the money you would earn as a scout for Woods Recruiting, I believe it is extremely rewarding to feel the joy and excitement for a student athlete that you helped get into college.

Nobody works for free at Woods Recruiting, everyone is paid a fair commission for the student athletes they sign up.

But I believe helping those student athletes get into college or even having multiple college choices can be equally as rewarding for the commission you earn.  Being a college scout is totally different from being a sports agent.

Did you know that there are 10,000 sports agents who have no clients?

So, they have no business and therefore, they have no future.

As a college recruiting scout you could easily sign up 50 student athletes in a year and see them all achieve their lifelong dream of playing in college while in the process, earn good money doing this.

Do not waste another moment of your time! Become a member of the Woods Recruiting team today!

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