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Willie Washington

Recruiting Director  Frankfort; Kentucky

My name is Willie Washington. I joined Woods Recruiting because I want to help student-athletes get recruited for college. Every person isn’t a Division 1 player.

I attended Frankfort High School in Frankfort, KY where I was All-State. After that I attended Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY.

If you can get your education paid for that’s a blessing. I can help you do that at Woods Recruiting.

I’ve coached football for almost 40 years. I’ve coached every level of football from pee wee to minor league (semi-pro). I’ve even had my own minor league (semi-pro) football team. Most of those guys didn’t get recruited by the right division of college. Again every person isn’t a Division 1 player.

I’ve also coached schools in Frankfort, KY. Those schools include Kentucky State University, Frankfort High School, Franklin County High School, Western Hills High School, Elkhorn Middle School, and Bondurant Middle School. I’ve seen talent come and go and I often wondered where it went and why it stopped. When these people graduate high school they’re not recruited by the right college division. I just want to say, “I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU” I have a phrase that I have told every player I have coached; “ONLY YOU CAN STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.”

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