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When Hit With Rejection

I’m not interested. No thank you. No, Leave us alone. Don’t call us we’ll call you. 

You’re going to be hit with so much rejection words you’ll begin to think it’s your first name.

Rejection hurts. It will literally feel like you’re being trampled over by a stampede of wild horses, crushing you into the ground.

You have the enthusiasm, optimism, and eagerness at the possibilities of helping student-athletes in recruiting. All of that goodwill is burned up by rejection from parents.

Remember, rejection is not personal. It’s just a form of expression from parents who don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about.

Parent:  We’re not interested.

Scout:  What exactly is it that you’re not interested in?

Parent: We’re simply just not interested at this time.

Scout:  What exactly is it that you’re not interested in. 

  • Is it the athletic profile? 
  • Is it the college list? 
  • Is it our audit? 
  • Is it my experience? 
  • Is it our website? 
  • Is there something I forgot to cover?


If the parent won’t tell you exactly why they’re not interested you must present them with a list of all the possible reasons why.

Continue to run down the list of possibilities until you find the objection the parent feels so strongly about.

Once you hit on the reason why they don’t want to move forward with you, answer the objection with a solution.

Deal with the problem and once a conclusion is reached, come in with a strong closing question.

Here’s an example:

Parent:  It’s the list of college programs. We’re not sure who gets to put this together. Do you guys have all the input and we have no say in this?

Scout:   Absolutely not. We can work on the college list together. We can come up with a strong list of college programs that I think will fit your son’s needs.

Parent:  So basically you’re telling me we can work on this list of college programs together.

Scout:   Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Together we can come up with a strong list of college programs to target.

Parent:  Everything sounds great. This is something we really need.

Scout:  Outstanding! What can we do to get this process moving forward today?

Parent: We’re ready to move forward now. We can make a payment this week.

Conclusion #2: 

The parents want to do business with you. They need you, they really do, trust me. 

Why so many objections? Because you haven’t given them enough reasons to sign up with you.

Your job is to uncover the hidden objections and find out the reason why. 

Almost every parent will have some kind of an objection or reason why they don’t want to sign up with you or move forward with you.

You cannot accept any objection from a parent without first uncovering the reasons why.

If you are weak, insecure, lacking in confidence, or self-esteem you will struggle in this business guaranteed.

You must meet these objections head on without hesitation. This is how you will succeed. This is how you will win.

Rejection to the objection

  • I’m not interested.
  • No.
  • No thank you.
  • We can’t afford it.
  • We’re going to pass at this time.
  • We’ll call you back when we’re ready.
  • He’s only a junior.
  • Don’t call us, we’ll call you.
  • This is not the right time.
  • His coach is helping him.

This is just a small example of what you have to deal with.

Whatever the objection just use the same rebuttals. You don’t need to come up with 10 different rebuttals for every rejection.

For Example: “His coach is helping him.” 

Scout: I understand that and that’s great, but let me ask you this; who’s recruiting him right now? 

Have you been to any camps or tournaments?

What’s his GPA? 

At what level of college can he play?

Conclusion # 3

Whenever confronted with an objection, acknowledge it and then begin to start asking questions one after another after another.

Keep the conversation flowing. Slow the process down by continuing to ask questions.

It will keep parents off guard and out of focus on peppering you with one dumb rejection after another. 

The parents will begin to open up to you realizing they need your help and their objection was basically worthless and a waste of time.

Quoting Allen Iverson. “Practice, we’re talking about practice.”

You should practice. 

You should never go into any presentation with parents without serious roleplay.

Practice first. Whether with a spouse, significant other or whoever. Roleplay out the entire scenario from beginning to end.

Practice, practice, practice! Commit everything to memory until you are confident enough to deal directly one-on-one with parents.

Like professional athletes who practice daily to perfection, you need to do the same as well.

This I know. It’s very true that parents want your help and they need your help. 

If you position yourself correctly the parents are probably the ones who reach out to you first.

Maybe they came as a referral, maybe you met them at a high school game, club event, tournament, or a camp.

Parents of student-athletes know how extremely serious the delicate nature of recruiting is.

We all understand how time-sensitive the process is. A day lost in recruiting is a day wasted that can never be made of.

It is your job, your duty, and your responsibility to sign up parents. Get it done!

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow! 


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