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Tyshana Ray: PG  5’3”, 113 lbs

Class of 2018  at Copperas Cove High School in Copperas, TX

GPA: 3.23

Recruiting Intangibles:    






Simply put, Tyshana is a spark plug.  The saying, “Defense wins championships and offense sells tickets” is about to get an upgrade. If you look up an image of intensity, you’ll see her picture.   Tyshana is as aggressive a defender that you will see.  One would think that the ball belongs to her as she continually pressures the ball handler.  She is easily a compliment to any team that she is a member of.

In a situation where your team needs a possession, you can look to Tyshana.  She is more than ready for a challenge.  She wouldn’t have it any other way.  Do not let her fool you though, she will take the ball to the hoop when needed.

Tyshana is very coachable and passionate about the game of basketball.  She is growing as a leader and can blossom into a great one if she stays the path.

So, are you ready to bring more intensity to your team? Are you ready to bring a solid student-athlete on campus?  Are you ready for Tyshana?  She’s ready!

Final Thoughts:  

Tyshana is focused on being the best that she can be, on the floor and off.  If you want to know more, she will gladly talk to you about it.

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