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footballChasing the division one dream has often been a huge disappointment for many student athletes coming out of high school. Many student athletes, along with their parents’ assistance, push really hard for an opportunity to play at the division one level. Many parents will go to great lengths and huge expenses believing they can buy their way in.

The thinking of many parents is, “If my kid played on a good high school team it would increase his/ her chances of receiving positive exposure.” Many parents also believe that if their sons or daughters played on a good travel team it would increase their chances of division one exposure. Many parents believe if they were to mail a number of DVDs to division one coaches that this, too, would increase the chances of possibly getting a scholarship.

Parents will spend money on recruiting services, personal trainers or specialized equipment all in the hope of increasing division one exposure. This is what many parents and student athletes will do in an effort to gain the attention of major college programs. In other words, they’re chasing down division one opportunities at great expenses.

If the talent is not there, then the talent cannot be manufactured.

In all my years following high school sports, whether it was being a college recruiter full time or a former high school college and professional basketball player, I realize that talent cannot be manufactured.

What I mean by this statement is that talent comes from the passion that you have to get out there every day to get better. Manufactured talent, in my opinion, is those players who have expensive equipment or overpriced personal trainers to help them create their talent.

Why is it that ball players, with no access to specialized training or equipment, end up being the more superior athletically?

I’ve seen kids who come from privilege background, who have everything they need to manufacture athletic talent and never succeed once they reach the college level, they generally fade away.

Money can never buy you athletic success. Athletic success comes from the passion to get out there to do it every day which then turns into the burning desire to succeed.

Division two college athletics is an opportunity to show everyone how great you really are.

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