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Nicole Etchison SG 5’4” 126 lbs Class of 2020

Oakdale High School in New Market, Maryland

Academics:GPA: 3.7 SAT: N/A ACT: N/A

Recruiting Intangibles:

  1. Hard worker
  2. Dependable
  3. Loyal
  4. Energy giver
  5. Unselfish

Final Thoughts:

In Nikki’s own words, “I give it my best every time I play a game or attend a practice. We may not always win but that just gives me room to get better, learn from it, and grow.”

When we first made contact with Nicole’s mom she asked, “Is my daughter too short to play college basketball?”  Of course we told her no and then gave the reasons why.  

Nicole’s story is one that always pits her against sometimes larger opponents but her heart, determination, intelligence, and athletic ability shows through.  There is no mountain that this young lady cannot climb.

Nicole meekly describes herself as team oriented, very coachable , very athletic , great defender, and shooter.  She loves to learn and play hard. Her teammates describe her as someone that is happy to do anything for the good of the team.  She is a team player on and off the court, aggressive, and a great shooter.

She takes time to help others on and off the court. She always has a smile until it’s game time.  At that point, it’s the game face until the game is over.

Nicole is a fierce competitor that does not shy away from competition.

While seeing her play in a game is exciting, she is equally exciting to watch in practice.  She has a very high motor and does not accept a mediocre performance.

Whether she hits  all her shots or not she will make up for it by playing hard nosed defense, dive on the floor for those 50/50 balls, and distribute the basketball to open teammates. She makes great passes and is not afraid to get physical while grabbing rebounds.

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