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Michael Feltes

Recruiting Director: Western Michigan

Hello, my name is Michael Feltes and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the Recruiting Director for Woods Recruiting in the state of Michigan for high school athletes focused on continuing their athletic pursuits. I have a passion to see every high school athlete with the athletic ability and the appropriate academic standing to be able to continue as a collegiate athlete at the university that provides the best fit. I bring an array of experience across many sports.

I have coached high school football for eleven years. This has been at every level including Freshmen and JV Head Coaching positions as well as Freshmen and JV Defensive Coordinator positions at multiple divisions. Additionally, I bring 6 years of experience coaching at the Varsity level as a Defensive Line Coach as well as winning two State Championship in Division 5 in Michigan.

As mentioned above, I also have spent 5 years scouting multiple divisions at the high school level. Scouting has given me a different perspective in evaluating skill, talent and heart. Besides experience in coaching football, I have also coached 16-18 year-old baseball All Stars for a complete season while stationed in Bitburg, Germany serving in the United States Air Force.

In addition to my coaching experience, I have been blessed to play basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and tennis in high school. The experiences I have had at the high school level in the sports listed above have allowed me to gain expertise in evaluating talent and assisting student athletes in pursuing their passion in finding a suitable fit/match to continue competing at the collegiate level. I look forward to assisting the student athletes in not only meeting but exceeding their athletic and academic goals.

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