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Kill Negativity With Positivity

I like winning. There’s nothing more satisfying than victory. 

However, there’s a lot of negativity in the world.

Negativity attacks college scouts and recruiting services on a consistent basis, but victory kills negativity.

There’s a lot of positive things that are going to take place in your role as a college scout. 

One of the most important positive aspects of being a college scout is signing student-athletes and getting their parents to pay your fee.

This is a major victory and, if you don’t know by now, I like to win!

The payment is not enough; now it’s about getting the student-athletes exposure to college programs. That’s also a victory. 

The ultimate goal is getting that student-athlete placed in college which is a major victory and you’re on a winning streak!

I like to win! 

The mere fact that you are a recruiting service will automatically put you in a negative category in the eyes of the public.

You cannot ignore these knuckleheads so, you have to prove them wrong. Ignoring them would be like ignoring the elephant in your bedroom. 

Social media will be your best friend.

Continue to show the viewing public your success, your accomplishments, your triumphs, and all of your victories. 

Your recruiting service should be transparent like an open book.

It still may not be enough to satisfy the haters, but I guarantee you there will be parents who are window shopping and who will reach out to you when they need you.

This business is a contact sport. The more people you contact, the better you will do. I think I heard one line in the movie somewhere, but it applies still to this day.

  • Winning is getting the payment from a parent.
  • Winning is getting student-athletes exposure to college programs.
  • The ultimate victory is college placement.

Let me remind you for the final time: I like to win!

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow!


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