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Jeff Perry

Area Scout: Mount Carmel, Illinois

Jeff Perry, Employment Manager at the Mt. Carmel Zachry office, wears another hat in his “off time”.  He is known as Coach Perry for the 7th Grade Lady Aces.  Jeff started coaching in 2004 for his daughter’s summer ball team and then a coaching position opened up at the Middle School.  The position was for a 6th grade girl’s coach; he started with 5th/6th grade basketball until this year when he moved to 7th grade.

In 11 years of coaching, his overall record is 85 wins / 35 losses.  This gives him a 71% win rate-impressive!  He has many, many memories over those years, but he states that being part of developing three different teams that have placed 1st, 2nd, and 4th at state in the last six years have been some of his best memories.

Jeff said that to improve as a coach from year to year, he reflects on the past, taking into consideration what worked and what did not. He also tries to attend camps and clinics to network and learn from other coaches.  Another key to improving as a coach is to watch skill development videos and read articles about positive coaching strategies.  He then passes all of this information on to his girls in order to help them be the best they can be!

Coach Perry sees his role as the 7th grade coach to be part of the feeder program for the high school level.  As a coach, he hopes that he will live and coach long enough to see the Mt. Carmel High School Lady Aces win a state title!

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