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Jaida Burkes  SG 5’8” 160 lbs. Class of 2018

Killeen High School in Killeen, Texas GPA: 3.14 SAT:1080 Potential Major: Kinesiology

Jaida loves the quote said by Kevin Durant, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Recruiting Intangibles:

Team Attitude




Work Ethic

Imagine a player with charisma and character leading your program. Imagine a player that comes early and stays late.  Imagine a player that leads by example.  Well, coach, you do not have to imagine anymore. That player is Jaida Burkes.  Yes, you may have heard it all before, but if given the opportunity she will show you why you need to continue to listen.

Listening is not all that you should do, coach.  You might want to keep your eyes open as well as you may miss her play-making capabilities.  One might ask how many eyes does she have because she possesses great peripheral vision.  What many do not see, she does.  She can truly see the entire floor.  She has the ability to create her own shot and she knows how to get her teammates involved. She stretches the floor with her ability to shoot beyond the arc.

Jaida has great defensive awareness and plays with the mentality of a defensive cornerback in football.  Jaida’s teammates would describe her as being humble, positive and a happy spirit. Outside of athletics, Jaida is an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Final Thoughts:  

There are no better words than that of humbled student-athlete, so here are Jaida’s words about her best game.  Jaida says, ” I felt like my game against Midway High School was one of my best games.

I didn’t have striking numbers. I had 9 points, 2 assists, and 2 steals. However, I felt like I really contributed to my team on both sides of the ball. I hit a 3-pointer to tie the game with a little more than 1 minute remaining, and I also hit the game-winning free throw.”

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