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high school footballPerception sometimes is crazy. Many believe that your chances increase dramatically to play in the pros if you attended a major college program. I do agree that your odds may be slightly higher if, let’s say, you play college football at OhioState or Alabama. The opportunities for more exposure would be greatly increased if you play on a team that was in the NCAA tournament year after year.

To suggest that because you’re playing division two athletics does not give you the opportunity to reach the professional level, is totally false and ridiculous.

There are many former college athletes from the division two and division three level that are playing in the NFL right now and some of them have super bowl rings!

There are college football players and basketball players who do not reach the professional level at all. Just because you were a superstar in high school and major college recruit in college does not mean that it will always translate to the professional game.

There are countless stories of successful high school and college athletes who crash and burn at the professional level. Then there are countless positive stories of players coming out of the division two and division three ranks who are successful in the pros.

Division two athletics is not a curse or slap in the face. If your dream is to play professional sports don’t let anything stand in your way. It still comes down to superior work ethic and whether you’re talented enough. 


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