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College Recruiting Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest killers in the college recruiting process.

Parents of high school student athletes often influence the recruiting decision a student athlete may make.  Sometimes the parents take forever to make up their minds on exactly what should take place.

Bob and Carol Smith, from Charlotte, North Carolina, had a daughter who was an outstanding basketball player.  She was good enough to possibly play at the division one level, maybe not the major college level but no doubt she could play at any good quality, rock solid college program.

The procrastination begins when Bob and Carol Smith are deciding what high school to send their daughter.  Paperwork had to be in at a certain date or they would not be eligible for certain high schools that are on this special list.

The date came and went and Bob and Carol Smith could not sent their daughter to that particular high school that they really wanted her to attend.

Throughout this young lady’s athletic and academic career in high school academically, she was nearly a 4.0 student.  Now you would think with a grade point average that high she would have no problem getting into college.

The next major procrastination miss-step from Bob and Carol Smith was the standardized tests.  To play at the college level, every student athlete has to take and score really well on the standardized tests.

Keep in mind, to take the standardized tests costs money, somewhere around $75.00 each session.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were dragging their feet on paying the $75.00 fee.

Academics plays a critical part in the recruiting process, it always has and always will.  If you do not have good grades student athletes will become invisible to college coaches. That’s just how it is and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Bob and Carol Smith somewhere along the way received some horrible information believing that because their daughter had a 4.0 GPA that somehow she did not need to take the standardized tests.

Unfortunately, there are millions of parents of high school student athletes who are totally in the dark on information regarding the recruiting process.

When their daughter became a senior in high school all of the college programs backed off.  Only junior college programs started to show interest in Bob and Carol Smith’s daughter.  The Smiths were pissed off thinking how could this be that no one was interested in their daughter when she was one of the best basketball players around.

The Smiths began to think it was some kind of trickery on the part of the high school coach.  They believed the high school coach was trying to sabotage their daughter’s athletic future.

The fact of the matter was that the high school coach continued to urge Mr. and Mrs. Smith to pay the fee so their daughter could take the standardized tests.  The Smiths were totally in the dark and lost about how academics played a part in the recruiting process and they were not interested in sending their daughter to a junior college.

Sadly, many parents of student athletes get these thoughts stuck in their head about recruiting and, in most cases, the information they receive is wrong.

Unfortunately, Bob and Carol Smith’s daughter never played one minute of college basketball.

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