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The Baseball Recruiting Process

Going from high school baseball student-athlete to college student-athlete represents challenges on many levels. Our job is to help guide you step-by-step through the recruiting process with the ultimate goal of landing an athletic scholarship or a strong financial package to college. 

Thoughts On Exposure

Exposure is a critical component in the recruiting process. If they don’t know about you, they can’t recruit you.

It’s critical that you get your name out to as many college baseball programs as possible.

The competition is fierce for baseball scholarships and strong financial packages. Even the best baseball student-athletes get overlooked by college programs. It is not your fault if you are slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process.

Understand this; the number of amazing baseball student-athletes is huge but college coaches cannot see everyone play therefore, it’s important to begin the recruiting process as early as possible.

Thoughts On Video

More is always better when it comes to video. College coaches may not be able to see you play during your high school baseball season or your club travel season so your video is a major component in the recruiting process.

Videotape all of your workouts, all of your games, everything you’re doing as a baseball player should be videotaped.

The more a college coach can see you play on video and be able to evaluate your progress, the better it will greatly enhance your chances in getting recruited for college.

Baseball Has Become Year-Round

Baseball is very competitive. The development process now requires a 12-month commitment with very little downtime.

College programs are looking to recruit not only the best players, but those who show superior work ethic.

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