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Academics or McDonald’s? What's The Future For Student Athletes?

Academics are a huge part of the college recruiting process and if you don’t have very good grades then you will be overlooked by college coaches and you will become invisible to all recruiters.

No matter how good you are as an athlete, if you cannot prove that you can do work in college based on standardized test scores then you have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting into college to play your sport.

Failure to achieve academic success could result in you having a career working for McDonald’s.

There are many high school athletes who somehow get it in their heads that because they are good athletes, that many colleges will overlook academics and that is not true.

If you’re an athlete who believes that then you’re setting yourself up for a career as a fast food employee.

You’ll be taking people’s orders, wearing stupid uniforms and hats with your name spelled wrong for the rest of your adult life.

Take care of your academics because your athletic future and your life depends on it.


If you have bad grades you will become invisible to college coaches.


Having good grades makes you more marketable to college programs.


You’re going to college to get an education, bottom line.

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