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Woods Recruiting

Woods Recruiting

What we do at Woods Recruiting is help student athletes get recruited and placed in college. The college recruiting process is hard and very challenging and navigating through the recruiting process can be a daunting task. Student athletes and parents often find the recruiting process frustrating and we believe it is critical for parents to associate with Woods Recruiting and our team of scouts. (h2) What We Do At Woods Recruiting 1. Athletic Profile. We will create an athletic profile that will highlight the student athlete's academic and athletic achievements. The athletic profile will also include as many videos needed. This information will be shared with our large database of college programs nationwide . 2. College List. Choosing the appropriate college programs to target is part of the process where the Woods Recruiting scouts' valuable expertise comes into play. Far too many times student athletes and their parents choose the wrong college programs to target wasting valuable time. Woods Recruiting scouts will involve and include the student athletes and their parents in selecting the appropriate college programs. 3. E-mail. At Woods Recruiting, we do not e-mail blast college programs because we believe it’s inappropriate and somewhat unknowing. Our focus is to craft specific and strategic e-mails that are structured to reach the appropriate college programs. E-mail is critical, but also needs to be respected. The scouts at Woods Recruiting are trained experts in developing an e-mail campaign. 4. Social Media. Social media is critical in this fast-paced world of the Internet. Our Woods Recruiting team of scouts will help come up with a strategy to target college programs on social media websites such as, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Woods Recruiting understands the importance of social media and how to target college programs appropriately. We also understand that student athletes are also on social media and we believe it’s important that student athletes share appropriate content on social media websites. 5. Video. Having a lot of game video is an important component in gaining the attention of college coaches. At Woods Recruiting, we will create individual pages that will highlight student athletes' videos. 6. Standardized Tests. Taking the standardized tests are a critical component in getting recruited and accepted into college. Our job at Woods Recruiting is to remind student athletes and parents on the specific dates that the standardized tests will be given. 7. Education. Part of our responsibility at Woods Recruiting is to educate student athletes and parents on the entire college recruiting process. Our scouts at Woods Recruiting are experts in understanding how the college recruiting process works so that mistakes can be avoided. (h2) What We Do At Woods Recruiting Note: The college recruiting process is extremely challenging. Student athletes and parents should never go at it alone. It’s critical to seek out the help of an experienced Woods Recruiting scout. The knowledge, expertise, and guidance is what you’ll get from Woods Recruiting. There are thousands of high school student athletes who slip through the cracks of the recruiting process each and every year. Our job at Woods Recruiting is to provide as much exposure for our student athletes as possible so that they do not ever slip through the cracks of college recruiting. I’m sure, as parents of student athletes, you have a lot of questions you want to ask. I’m sure there are things about the recruiting process that are not quite clear or maybe you don’t understand. Instead of wasting valuable months trying to figure it out for yourself, why not seek out the help of Woods Recruiting to guide you step by step through the college recruiting process? Woods Recruiting will map out a college recruiting game plan that will ensure student athletes are getting the appropriate exposure to college programs. (h2) What We Do At Woods Recruiting Final Thoughts From what I understand about the college recruiting process is that it basically plays no favorites and sometimes it is unfair. Oftentimes, many talented student athletes will end up at college programs beneath their athletic abilities. There are situations where student athletes believe they’re being recruited only to have college programs change their minds and go in a different direction. A lot can happen and change during the college recruiting process where student athletes and parents may not understand why the changes are happening and what they can do to fix it. Sometimes parents are unsure at what direction they should take in the college recruiting process. I’m here to assure you that since 1989, Woods Recruiting has assisted thousands of high school student athletes and their parents through the twists and turns of the college recruiting process. Woods recruiting has a 95% success rate. Meaning that for every 100 athletes who sign up with Woods Recruiting 95 student athletes are receiving some kind of scholarship or strong financial package to attend college. The money college programs have to offer is good. The problem for student athletes is there are not enough college programs making offers and that’s part of our job here at Woods Recruiting. The 5% of student athletes who are unsuccessful through our program is generally because of poor academics or some kind of online mischief or social behavior problems that is preventing them from gaining the attention of college coaches. There are some situations where student athletes have fabricated their information to us and, when the truth is uncovered, we rule them out of the recruiting process altogether. Transparency and honesty are the best policies and that’s what we live by at Woods Recruiting. At Woods Recruiting, we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of college programs for our student athletes.

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