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What Is The Best Strategy To Get Recruited For College Softball

Getting recruited for college softball requires a combination of talent, dedication, and a strategic approach. 

Here are some steps and strategies to increase your chances of getting recruited:

Develop Your Skills: Start by honing your softball skills. Attend camps, clinics, and offseason training programs. Work with experienced coaches who can help you improve your fundamentals and advanced skills.

Join a Competitive Travel Team: Playing for a competitive travel softball team will expose you to high-level competition and provide opportunities for exposure to college recruiters. These teams often participate in showcase tournaments and events that attract scouts.

Build a Highlight Video: Create a highlight video showcasing your skills, including hitting, fielding, pitching, and base-running. Share this video with college coaches and on recruiting platforms like Hudl or YouTube.

Create an Online Profile: Build an online presence through recruiting platforms like NCSA, BeRecruited, or CaptainU. Include your academic and athletic achievements, statistics, and contact information. Keep your profile up to date.

Maintain Good Academics: College coaches often consider academic performance when recruiting student-athletes. Maintain a strong GPA and take standardized tests like the SAT or ACT seriously. Good grades can open up academic scholarship opportunities.

Identify Your Target Schools: Research colleges and universities that have softball programs and align with your academic and athletic goals. Create a list of schools you’re interested in attending and playing for.

Contact College Coaches: Reach out to college coaches at your target schools. Send them personalized emails expressing your interest in their program and provide relevant information, such as your stats, schedule, and upcoming tournaments or showcases.

Attend Showcases and Camps: Attend showcases and camps where college coaches are likely to be present. These events provide direct exposure to coaches and the opportunity to showcase your skills.

Stay Active on Social Media: Use social media platforms to share your accomplishments and updates about your softball journey. Coaches may follow your social media profiles to gauge your character and work ethic.

Network and Seek Recommendations: Build relationships with your current and former coaches, teachers, and other mentors who can vouch for your skills and character. A recommendation from a trusted source can carry significant weight with college coaches.

Be Persistent: The recruiting process can be competitive and lengthy. Don’t get discouraged by rejection or lack of immediate interest. Keep working on your skills and reaching out to coaches.

Visit Schools: If possible, visit the schools you’re interested in. Attend games and meet with coaches in person. This demonstrates your genuine interest in their program.

Understand NCAA Rules: Familiarize yourself with NCAA rules and regulations regarding recruitment, eligibility, and scholarships. Compliance with these rules is crucial to maintain your eligibility.

Remember that the recruitment process can be highly competitive, so patience and persistence are key.

Keep working hard on your skills, stay dedicated, and be proactive in your approach to increase your chances of getting recruited for college softball.


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Woods Recruiting

Sign up at no cost to get our complimentary Game Plan eBook! Stay in the loop with our blog updates, delivering the latest scouting reports on student athletes.

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