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Scouting Report: Eli Brown – Class Of 2026 Combo Guard

Discover Eli Brown, a rising star at The Webb School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

With impressive guard skills, leadership qualities, and academic excellence, Eli is poised to catch the attention of top college programs.

In the bustling world of high school basketball, Eli Brown stands out as a dynamic force to be reckoned with. 

Hailing from The Webb School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, this class of 2026 prospect is making waves as a 6’2″ combo guard with the versatility to dominate both the point and shooting guard positions.

Eli’s arsenal of skills is nothing short of impressive. 

With the ball in his hands, he’s a threat from all angles, effortlessly maneuvering past defenders with his quickness and agility. 

His ability to drive to the basket and finish with finesse sets him apart, showcasing a rare blend of size, strength, and finesse for a player of his age.

One of Eli’s standout attributes is his lethal jump shot. 

Whether he’s pulling up from mid-range or launching from beyond the arc, his shooting accuracy is unparalleled. 

This sharpshooting ability adds a potent dimension to his offensive game, keeping defenders on their toes and opening up opportunities for his teammates.

Beyond his skills on the court, Eli is a natural leader. 

As a floor general, he commands the ball and controls the flow of the game with confidence and poise. 

His ability to read the defense, make smart decisions, and elevate the play of those around him solidifies his status as a top-notch team leader.

Off the court, Eli is equally impressive, boasting a commendable 3.6 grade point average. His dedication to academic excellence reflects his commitment to excellence in all aspects of life, setting a strong foundation for success both on and off the hardwood.

As Eli continues to hone his craft and showcase his talents, it’s only a matter of time before he attracts the attention of top-notch college programs. 

With his potential sky-high and his work ethic unmatched, the future is undeniably bright for this promising young prospect. 

Keep an eye on Eli Brown as he continues to rise through the ranks of high school basketball.



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