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Recruiting Services Suck At Their Job

Recruiting services are a waste of money. The industry has changed and the recruiting momentum has shifted. The only reason you’re spending your money with recruiting services in the first place is desperation. The recruiting process is not working out and it’s failing you. The desperate and the unaware sign up with recruiting services thinking this is their only chance, or maybe their last chance.

You’re being thrown a lifeline to nowhere.

A lot of recruiting services are run by guys who never played high school ball, college ball or any kind of ball. College coaches nowadays don’t want to hear from recruiting services and could care less. Moms and Dads out there you’re throwing your money away by investing in these recruiting services when you could do your own recruiting yourself. 

The recruiting process overall is very difficult and extremely challenging. I’m telling you if you invest your money in a recruiting service you might as well set it on the kitchen table and set it on fire.

The real power these days is in the Showcase where college coaches are in attendance. With their watchful eye they are evaluating student athletes in large numbers. You have a better chance of getting exposure at a showcase. 

If you decide to go with a recruiting service, fair warning they can’t get the job done any longer. It’s too challenging, it’s too difficult and many of these companies do not have the tools and the resources to get it done. 


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