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Meet Kinley Painter: The All-Around Point Guard Phenom Of Providence Academy

Kinley Painter, hailing from Johnson City, Tennessee, is a standout point guard in the class of 2025, representing Providence Academy both on the court and in the classroom. 

With an exceptional 4.08 GPA, she exemplifies the ideal student-athlete.

On the basketball court, Painter’s skills are nothing short of impressive. 

As a point guard, she possesses remarkable accuracy in her passing, consistently threading the needle to set up her teammates for scoring opportunities. 

Her lethal three-point shooting makes her a constant threat from anywhere on the floor, punishing opponents who dare to leave her open.

A true floor general, Painter runs the offense with precision and power, demonstrating consistency in her decision-making and play execution. 

Her dedication and hard work are evident in her relentless pursuit of excellence both in practices and games.

prowess extends beyond the court; she excels academically, embodying the balance between athletics and scholastics sought after by college programs. 

With her combination of talent, work ethic, and academic achievement, she stands as an ideal recruit for any collegiate basketball program seeking a dynamic point guard who can lead both on and off the court.


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