Meet Katelyn Olds: The Rising Star Of Liberty Hill High School

In the realm of high school basketball, few names are gaining as much attention and acclaim as Katelyn Olds

At a towering 5’10”, this guard from Liberty Hill High School is not just a player; she’s a force to be reckoned with on the court. 

With a track record that speaks volumes about her talent and potential, Katelyn is poised to make waves in the basketball world.

As a freshman, Katelyn earned her spot on the varsity squad for Liberty Hill High, a team that boasted an impressive 35-3 record. 

But her contributions don’t stop at her prowess on the court; Katelyn also earned recognition for her academic achievements, landing a spot on the Academic All-District team. 

This balance of athletic and academic excellence speaks volumes about her dedication and discipline.

One of the hallmarks of Katelyn’s game is her affiliation with the prestigious Phoenix AAU basketball club team. 

Shooting an impressive 34% from beyond the arc, Katelyn showcases her remarkable shooting skills, proving to be a threat from anywhere on the court. 

But her abilities extend far beyond shooting; she’s a versatile player who can run the floor with speed, agility, and a keen eye for creating scoring opportunities.

Off the court, Katelyn is described as more than just a talented athlete; she’s an awesome kid from an amazing family, backed by tremendous support. 

Her coachable nature and the respect she garners from teammates and coaches alike speak volumes about her character and leadership potential.

With a relentless work ethic and a love for the game that’s evident in every aspect of her play, Katelyn is dedicated to honing her skills and competing at the highest level. 

Already attracting attention from small Division I programs, it’s clear that her journey in basketball is just beginning. 

As she continues to develop and refine her game, the sky’s the limit for this rising star.


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