Left-Handed Sharpshooter Danny Houlihan

Danny Houlihan, a 6-foot-4 dynamo hailing from the class of 2026, is making waves on the basketball court with his lethal shooting prowess and versatile skills. 

Representing Meanstreets EYBL in AAU basketball, Houlihan has emerged as a standout talent, catching the eye of scouts and college programs alike.

A left-handed marksman, Houlihan poses a serious threat from beyond the arc, showcasing remarkable accuracy and deadly precision. 

Shooting an impressive 50% from three-point range this season, he’s proven to be a nightmare for opposing defenses when given even a sliver of space.

Beyond his shooting prowess, Houlihan demonstrates impressive ball-handling skills and the ability to attack the rim fearlessly. 

He’s not one to shy away from contact, displaying a tenacity and determination that sets him apart on the court. 

As an up-and-coming guard, he possesses a fluidity in his game that belies his age, making him a formidable presence on both ends of the floor.

While Houlihan already shines bright, there’s still untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. 

His ball-handling and driving ability are areas of focus for improvement, but his dedication and work ethic ensure that progress is constant. 

Competing in AAU basketball against top-tier competition will undoubtedly elevate his game and further hone his skills, preparing him for the next level of play.

Off the court, Houlihan is a coachable and respected teammate, garnering admiration from peers and coaches alike. 

With his talent, determination, and character, he’s poised to attract the attention of numerous college programs in the near future.


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