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High School Athletics Has Become Year-Round Athletics

The days of the off-season are long gone. In the old days you played your season and at the conclusion you were done or you moved on to another sport. 

Nowadays, to excel in an individual sport, the commitment is towards the year-round development which is almost impossible to comprehend the time that must be allocated to just one sport. 

Regardless of the sport you play, the commitment has intensified due to the pressures of the recruiting process and the strategies that accompany it, which are confusing and impossible to understand to the naked eye.

Student-athletes are competing on a fiercely competitive level to gain the attention of college coaches and, more importantly, to rise above the competition from outside their city, town, or their state. There are intense battles in getting recruited, with some that require the student-athletes to be committed to their sport year-round.

The off-season is a thing of the past.

College coaches are under intense pressure to recruit the best available talent. 

Their futures are on the line. One misstep in selecting a student-athlete and giving the wrong scholarship to a player who has not committed could cost that coach his or her job and all their assistants as well.

The pressure has intensified for student-athletes to stay on course for their season. It’s critical and equally important during the off-season.

Club teams that travels to exposure events, tournaments, and showcases are all about the exposure. Are you working diligently on your individual fundamentals that are required to achieve success athletically? Now this is a year-round commitment. Are you up to the challenge?

When it comes to the year-round commitment a key component is, video. If there is improvement from one year to the next, how will you attract the attention of college coaches without steady improvement? How will you show how much you’ve improved? 

You are in the laboratory of development a mad scientist working on all aspects of your game away from the viewing public.

Once you have  emerged from the Laboratory of Athletics you are now in superior condition, head and shoulders above the competition, and strong enough to attract a full scholarship which has been the coveted prize all along.

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