Football Recruiting Sucks. There Are Solutions.

The football recruiting process does present many difficulties and many questions. 

When to begin the process?

 How to start the process?

 What information do I need?

 Do I need a checklist?

 How do I get a step-by-step guide?

The hardcore reality is there is no exact process or steps to follow because every student-athlete is different and every college coach is different in their evaluation of talent.  

A well thought-out recruiting strategy may work for someone else where they are achieving success, but that same exact strategy may not fit your needs.

The best advice is to begin the recruiting process early by developing a strong list of college programs to target. 

Your target list should include 50, 75, upwards to 100 programs. You want to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a college scholarship or a strong financial package.

You will never know where the scholarship may come from, so it’s important to target a large number of college programs from your home state and neighboring states.

Do not overlook academics! Grades are a critical piece to the recruiting puzzle. If you have bad grades you will be erased from the recruiting process.

I’m sure by now the conversation about grades has been drilled into the skulls of student-athletes for years, so there’s no way you have not heard this message.

Be aggressive in the football recruiting process.

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow.


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