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Dominant Low Post Player Jarius Powers Shines Bright

In the heart of Alton, Illinois, a burgeoning basketball talent is making waves both on and off the court. 

Jarius Powers, standing tall at 6 feet and weighing in at 175 pounds, embodies the epitome of dedication and skill. 

As a pivotal member of the Alton High School basketball team and the formidable 17U PHEE ELITE – OLufson AAU squad, Powers is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of high school basketball.

Powers’ prowess lies primarily in her dominant presence in the low post. Fearless and unyielding, she utilizes her physicality to secure rebounds and execute powerful moves to the basket with finesse.

Her ability to finish around the rim is unparalleled, and her mid-range game adds a layer of versatility to her offensive arsenal.

Beyond her on-court capabilities, Powers boasts a commendable work ethic and unwavering passion for the game. 

Her commitment to improvement is evident in her relentless pursuit of excellence, both in practices and during game time. 

With a commendable 3.6 grade point average, she demonstrates equal prowess in the classroom, exemplifying the importance of academic diligence alongside athletic achievement.

While Powers continues to refine her skills and enhance her speed and agility, the trajectory of her basketball journey is undeniably promising. 

As she continues to attract attention from top college programs, the future shines brightly for this rising star. 

With dedication, perseverance, and an insatiable hunger for success, Jarius Powers is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of basketball.


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