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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest offensive powerhouses in the history of NBA basketball.  Kareem was unstoppable with one of the most incredible shots, the Skyhook, that was virtually unblockable.




They’re No Longer Babies

They’re No Longer Babies

They're No Longer Babies

Let them fly solo. They’ve earned their wings, let them go.

We’re talking about student-athletes. They’re now in a position of recruitment.

The problem is that parents are hovering over them heavily, not giving them an ounce of space to breathe. 

College coaches will be calling and they don’t want to talk to the parents.

They actually want to talk to the student-athletes.

It is the student-athletes they are recruiting and are attempting to build a relationship with. Sorry parents, you’re not important enough in this scenario.

Other than a polite ‘hello, how are you doing?’ that should be the extent of the conversation between the coach and the parent.

The main focus of a phone conversation is for the coach and the student-athlete only.

There are circumstances in the process for parents who are overbearing, too controlling, and who want to take over the recruiting process themselves.

Too many times the parents want to initiate the conversation with college coaches. Very bad idea! 

Sometimes the parents are asking college coaches very uncomfortable questions. Once again, a very bad idea! 

Sometimes the over-anxious, over-eager parents push it too far with coaches to the point where the program just wants to move on.

There are solutions. The parents can be a valuable resource in the recruiting process by working behind the scenes in an administrative capacity.

The student-athletes are very young and not accustomed to the seriousness of life. Many of these young people are not that far removed from eating cereal with a plastic spoon.

One of the biggest challenges for student-athletes is answering questions from college coaches.

This is where many student-athletes struggle. 

They’re giving very limited answers to the questions. Sometimes one-word answers or non-verbal answers to questions.

These are kids.

Where the parents come in is they can sit down with their student-athlete and help review possible questions.

Help review the kinds of answers and responses to give to various questions.

Let your student-athlete learn to fly solo, but be there as a back-up silent partner.

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Jacob Channer

Jacob Channer

Jacob Channer: Height 6’5, Weight 170 

High School: Shorecrest Preparatory School, St. Petersburg, Florida

Class of 2020, GPA 3.56

My father always preaches “ball and books, books and ball” because he says that, if playing basketball at the highest level is what I want to focus on, then sticking to these two tasks and giving it my all will ultimately reward me in the long run.

I am a 6’5 guard that can handle the ball well and distribute to teammates. I am also a knock-down shooter so it allows for me to play off-ball as well and spread out the defense. My size also allows me to be really effective on the defensive end and I like to take advantage of an unset defense in transition.

I want to play in college basketball because I love the grind that comes with it and I will be surrounded by teammates and coaches that love being in the same environment. Also, this opportunity would allow me to further my education and learn valuable skills to help me in my future.

How To Handle Objections

How To Handle Objections

How To Handle Objections

Your ego is crushed, your pride is destroyed, the parent told you over and over again they’re not interested or maybe they said no thank you. 

It could be something as simple as “Don’t call us, we’ll call you if we’re interested.” Whatever they’re saying, it’s an objection.

The easiest thing for a parent to do to you is to try and make you go away, but you cannot accept that approach.

Handling objections is about developing a strategy, sharpening your skills.

You’re trying to change the parent’s mind to your way of thinking.

You’re in business to sign them up. You want victories not losses or you will be out of business very soon.

I’m a teacher of the college recruiting process. 

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