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About Al Woods

Al Woods, a proud Virginia Beach native, discovered his love for basketball at Bayside High School.

His prowess on the court led him to West Virginia State College from 1983 to 1986. Graduating in 1990, Al reminisces about the special times at West Virginia State—forging lasting friendships, enjoying an active social life, and benefiting from incredible coaches and teammates.

Post-college, Al embarked on a remarkable professional basketball career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, spanning from 1986 to 1989.

The experience was a sensory feast, from the delectable cuisine to the vibrant city life, roaring crowds, and the camaraderie with teammates and coaches. It was a period of personal and professional growth, shaping Al in profound ways.

Upon concluding his professional basketball journey in 1989, Al delved into community service. Working with the YMCA and group homes in their Recreation Department, he concurrently nurtured the idea of a recruiting service.

The initial seven to eight years were an unpaid apprenticeship, a testament to Als’ commitment to learning the intricacies of the business. By 1996, he took the bold step of charging fees, signaling the transition to a full-fledged venture.

Woods Recruiting was born in 1989, steadily gaining momentum. By 1996, it had become a powerhouse, helping thousands of student athletes across various sports secure college placements. Al, a familiar figure in high school sports communities, had forged strong bonds with college coaches.

A pivotal figure in his journey was college basketball coach Jim Boone, a mentor and friend for over four decades, whose guidance played a crucial role in Als’ success.

Despite the consistent success of Woods Recruiting, personal adversity struck in 2017 when Al was diagnosed with leukemia. The ensuing battle with chemotherapy took a toll on both his health and business.

In 2018, he made the tough decision to retire, prioritizing his well-being. However, retirement was not the end of his story.

After several years of reflection, Al decided on a new chapter in 2024. Fueled by a desire to stay connected with the sports community, he launched a blog focused on high school athletes.

This venture became a platform for sharing insights, stories, and his enduring passion for the game. It symbolized a rekindling of his dedication to the world of sports, marking a resilient comeback from personal challenges.

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