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Rising Star: Bryan Epperson Unleashing Potential

Bryan Epperson, a 6’7″ standout from Southern Wake Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina, is quickly making a name for himself in the world of high school basketball. 

With a solid 3.5 GPA, Bryan exemplifies the balance of academic and athletic excellence. 

His involvement with Team Curry in AAU basketball has only accelerated his development, showcasing his immense potential and star qualities.

Bryan possesses a unique blend of size, skill, and athleticism. 

His shooting range is remarkable, allowing him to score from anywhere on the floor. 

His three-point shooting is becoming a significant threat, demonstrating his ability to stretch defenses and create scoring opportunities. 

Bryan’s driving ability is equally impressive, showing no fear in attacking the basket and finishing through contact.

His work ethic and dedication to the game are evident in his continuous improvement. 

Bryan is coachable and intelligent, rarely making mistakes or turnovers. 

His quickness and athleticism enable him to run the floor effectively, and his dunking ability adds an exciting dimension to his game. 

He is diligently working on all aspects of his game, including shooting, rebounding, speed, quickness, strength, and stamina.

Bryan’s rapid development and potential make him a player that college programs should keep an eye on. 

His future is incredibly bright, and with his current trajectory, he is poised to become a very special and unique player in the world of basketball.


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