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We are about providing recruiting knowledge to guide, educate, and inform the masses who closely follow high school student-athletes from all sports. 

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You’re Not Getting Recruited Because Of Your Parents

You're Not Getting Recruited Because Of Your Parents We can all agree that the recruiting process is extremely challenging and not the easiest thing to comprehend.  The process of recruiting is a battlefield with shattered and crushed bodies of student-athletes...

The Sad Reality Of The Unsigned Senior Event

The Sad Reality Of The Unsigned Senior Event The recruiting process is a battlefield littered with the broken bodies of student-athletes who have slipped through the cracks and may never get recruited.  In my opinion, the process begins during the middle school years...

It’s All About Good Grades

It's All About Good Grades We’ve all heard it a thousand times about having good grades, the message is loud and clear but I want to be absolute. If you have bad grades you will be invisible to college coaches. Bad grades do not care if you are the next great,...

Don’t Throw Away Recruiting Opportunities!

Surprisingly, but true there are various scenarios where student-athletes have turned their backs on a college scholarship offer, holding out for something better. Learn More.

The Old Broken-Down Strategies No Longer Work

It was believed that the coach had connections, relationships, and a network of college coaches, all they had to do was pick up the phone, write a letter, or send an email or text message. 

What an amazing falsehood! It was trickery in the recruiting process. It is a trap setting up student-athletes for failure because that strategy is ineffective and has been dead for decades. Learn More.

What Are College Coaches Looking For In Recruits?

Positive impact are the influences student-athletes can bring to a college program from the point of view of the college coach. 

A bad attitude, rotten apples, or the bad seeds can upset the apple cart in terms of selecting the wrong student-athlete to recruit. They don’t want you. The last thing a college coach ever wants to deal with is an orchard of bad apples, meaning student-athletes. Learn More.

High School Athletics Has Become Year-Round Athletics

Regardless of the sport you play, the commitment has intensified due to the pressures of the recruiting process and the strategies that accompany it, which are confusing and impossible to understand to the naked eye.

Student-athletes are competing on a fiercely competitive level to gain the attention of college coaches and, more importantly, to rise above the competition from outside their city, town, or their state. Learn More.

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