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Ethan Reid Shines As A Versatile Combo Guard With Leadership

Ethan Reid is an exceptional talent in the Class of 2025, standing tall at 6’3″. 

As a student-athlete from Southeast Raleigh High School and a key player for Garner Road Select AAU, Ethan’s future in basketball looks incredibly bright. 

His skill set is continually improving, showcasing his dedication and passion for the game.

Ethan’s ball-handling skills are impressive, especially for his size, making him an ideal candidate for the combo guard position. 

He has developed a step-back jump shot, demonstrating remarkable accuracy from all ranges on the court, including three-point territory. 

Ethan’s shooting prowess is complemented by his strong leadership skills and coachable nature, traits that make him a dream recruit for any college program.

Ethan is not just a talented player; he is also a hard worker with a strong work ethic. 

He dedicates himself to improving his game every day, showing great commitment and love for basketball. 

His quickness, athleticism, and high basketball IQ ensure he makes minimal mistakes and keeps turnovers low. 

These attributes, combined with his speed and agility, make him a standout on both ends of the court.

In summary, Ethan Reid is the type of player every college program aspires to recruit. 

His leadership, coachability, and dedication, along with his impressive skill set, indicate that he is destined to succeed at the next level. 

College coaches should keep a close eye on Ethan as he continues to develop and shine in the world of basketball.


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