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Behind The Scenes: Why I Do What I Do

Discover the future of sports with Woods Recruiting, your go-to source for insightful scouting reports and write-ups on talented high school athletes. Our blog connects college coaches, high school coaches, club coaches, and influencers to the next generation of sports stars. Uncover the potential and talent that will shape the future of athletics!I’ve been in this business since 1989, in one form or another. 

My love for basketball has been unwavering, and I believe I possess a wealth of knowledge and insight that helps me develop these scouting reports for remarkable basketball student-athletes every week.

I diligently search through social media for basketball student-athletes to write about each week. 

Sometimes, it’s challenging to find the necessary information, so I might pass on one student-athlete for another who has readily available details. 

The process of preparing these scouting reports is quite extensive. 

I start with videos, watching as many as possible and taking notes on my observations. 

Essentially, I am writing my personal thoughts and opinions based on what I see. 

This isn’t an overnight task; while some reports are completed in a day, others can take two or three weeks to finalize.

The Art of Scouting: My Methodology and Dedication

I firmly believe that all the basketball student-athletes I profile have the potential to play in college. 

However, I refrain from suggesting, predicting, or specifying the level at which they can play—that’s for someone else to decide. 

I also steer clear of rankings. 

Occasionally, I might include some statistics, but numbers can be misleading. 

Instead, I focus on narrating the story of the student-athlete and showcasing their abilities on the basketball court.

My day kicks off early at 5:55 a.m. 

I go over my notes, watch videos, and begin the process of preparing multiple scouting reports. 

Sometimes, I start drafts for as many as ten reports in a day. 

This doesn’t mean I complete ten reports daily; it simply means I’m developing rough drafts. 

Completing a scouting report can take two weeks, three weeks, or even longer, although there are rare occasions when I finish one in a day.

I keep my scouting reports free of charge. 

Many people charge student-athletes and their parents for various services. 

From paying to play AAU basketball to shelling out for high school participation and recruiting services, there are many fees associated with the process. 

I aim to keep my services free for basketball student-athletes.

I am exploring ways to monetize my work, potentially through affiliate marketing or other strategies. 

However, I won’t ask anyone to pay thousands of dollars for a scouting report or write-up.

So, there you have it—a brief insight into what I do. 

If you enjoyed this and want to hear more about my daily activities, weekly thoughts, and insights, let me know!!!


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