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What Are My Real Chances Of Being Recruited?

Right now, there are quite a few high school seniors who do not have any idea whatsoever where they will be going to college in the fall.

Many of these talented high school athletes have made many mistakes in the college recruiting process and now they’re going to be in a situation where they may end up going to a school that they’ve never heard of all because they got the wrong advice or was led down the wrong path of college recruiting.

Many senior athletes who are still looking for a college program are now beginning to understand that they could have or that they should have done more. Too bad for them!

Who’s to blame when all has gone wrong in the college recruiting process?

Are the high school coaches to blame because they are the ones who closely work with the players? A high school coach is supposedly the one who has all the answers in dealing with the college recruiting process.

What if a high school coach gets it wrong and a very good high school student athlete is left hanging in the wind of the college recruiting process?

Many parents believe that it is a high school coach’s job to get their players into college and because of that, many parents will hold off in doing their own recruiting.

Are the parents to blame? Should they have done more from the very beginning of the college recruiting process?

The parents are the ones who hold the money and they have the power to make something happen on their own without anyone’s help.

I hear stories all the time from slow-motion moms and dads who’ve said things like “I wished we had started or I wish we had more time!”

These parents are weak and are slow to understand how critical the college recruiting process is. They are also under the belief that someone out there will do the job for them in getting their son or daughter recruited for college.

Are the high school student athletes to blame on their failure to secure college placement? What more could a high school player have done to increase their chances of college recruiting success?

Sure, these players could have been better players, better students with two or more summer camps, done more in the community, made better first impressions, played harder, mailed out more DVDs, contacted more colleges with handwritten letters, made phone calls to college coaches, went on more visits to colleges, worked harder on their game–longer than the next athlete.

The list of things high school players could do to increase their chances of college placement is long.

Every year as we hit March, April, and May I get emails from desperate parents about their kids and desperate players about their future and overall it is funny to me because the information is out there about starting a college recruited process very early but many hardheaded athletes and parents are too lazy to get this information on their own.

Most of the time it is shocking to me to hear that a very talented high school player is losing out in the never-ending battle of college placement.

Now don’t get me wrong, the college recruiting process is not easy and it is very time-consuming and, at times, can be very confusing.

From the parent’s prospective it is easier to let someone else do the dirty work. Then as spring hits the parents and the student athletes realize that all has gone horribly wrong in their weak efforts to make something happen in the recruiting process.

Make no mistake; the college recruiting process is never to be taken lightly.

The college recruiting process for high school athletes has only so much time to get the job done and if you think you can start the process at the beginning of your senior year in high school or during your season, you are setting yourself up for failure.

For those of you who are freshmen, sophomores and juniors, right now is the time to get started in the college recruiting process if you are to have any hopes of winning that college scholarship and the seniors out there—you are way too late! Too bad!

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