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Tristen Blocker: Height 5’7,  Weight 140

High School: Pierce County, Patterson Georgia

Class: 2020  GPA 4.0

Position: First Base, Second Base, Outfield

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High softball IQ
  5. Extremely dedicated to the sport
  6. Team leader
  7. Coachable
  8. Recruitable
  9. Respected

Tristen Is a very talented softball student athlete who has a huge upside. She is developing her talents and abilities on a daily basis. She is constantly working on her fielding. She’s always taking batting practice. She has the ability to hit the ball to all parts of the field.

Overall, we believe she has the ability and the talent to compete at the college level. She is looking for a college program that can challenge her athletically as well as  academically because she possesses an extremely high grade point average.

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