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Tori Dotson PG 5’4” 125lbs
Class of 2018 at Del Valle High School in Austin, Texas
GPA: 3.0
SAT: Pending
ACT: 14
Potential Major: Kinesiology or Sports Management

Recruiting Intangibles:
1. Ferocious
2. Court Awareness
3. Toughness
4. High Motor
5. Energy Giver

Final Thoughts:
My favorite saying is ” Lack of Worries ” It means fearless, keep living and let go of bad vibes.

Coach, we could easily talk about how decisive Tori is as a point guard, how she has a knack for distributing the ball to her teammates, how no ball-handler is safe when she is on the floor. We will just let Tori tell you about herself because your next point guard should be a good communicator:

I am a hardworking player that gives it her all from the beginning of the game until the final buzzer sounds. Whether my team is losing or winning I’m still working hard. I play like it’s my last game, every game. Not only do I create scoring opportunities for myself, but I also help to put my teammates in position to score as well. While scoring is fun, I really love to celebrate an assist or a great defensive play. Yes, I play defense as well. Check out my video.

I want to play in college because it is my passion. I grew up wanting to go to the best college to play basketball, get a quality education, and make my family proud. Now I want to really make that dream a reality. Coach, you can help with this. Check out my video.

My teammates would describe me as a vocal leader on the floor and a play-maker. They know when the ball is in my hands I’m going to create something big for us.

I feel as though my best game was this summer in Frisco, TX with my AAU team. We were playing in the championship game. The referee blew his whistle and we got the tip, I saw an opening and drove in first two points on the board. After that I was in my zone. I had the first 6-8 points of the game. We lost by 2 and I ended up finishing with double digits. While this was a personal achieve, I was upset that we could not pull out the win.

Points/Game 14
Rebounds/Game 4
Assists/Game 4.5
Steals/Game 7
Free Throw % 80.0
Bench Press 115
Squat 255

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