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The recruiting process has a time clock associated with it.

When the clock starts ticking, it does not stop until the student athlete has either found a college program or has graduated from high school.

Many parents do not realize that every day wasted in recruiting is a day that cannot be replaced.

The hard reality of recruiting is that there are only so many days in the entire recruiting process, bottom line and once those days are used up you cannot go back and ask for more time.

The Deadly Game Of Procrastination

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The recruiting process only has so many days in it.

The college recruiting clock is always ticking. You cannot turn it off.

Every day wasted in the recruiting process is a day lost forever.

The responsibility of recruiting is in the hands of the parents.

The parents are the power behind the recruiting process.

The reason we want you to sign up with Woods Recruiting today is because it takes time to put this process in motion.

Sadly, many parents of high school student athletes will hold off on signing up with a recruiting service for no real reason at all.

Worse still, parents will make a decision on recruiting at the conclusion of their son’s or daughter’s senior season.

Horrible decision. Parents of high school student athletes need to trust the process. Unfortunately parents take days, weeks and sometimes months to make a decision on recruiting.

Take action today! Take action today! Take action today! Take action today!

Have you heard the expression, “Study long, study wrong”?

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