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Sydney Brock: Small Forward,  5 ‘9″, 190 lbs.

Class of 2018 at C.E. Ellison in Killeen, Texas

GPA: 3.2
SAT: 1050
ACT: 21
Potential Major:  Sports Psychology

Recruiting Intangibles:

Final Thoughts:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Sydney truly exemplifies what a student-athlete can be for your program.  In the classroom, she tackles her academics with the same determination that she has on the basketball court.  She is a threat inside and outside.  Sydney knows exactly what to do on the floor, just watch her work. Sydney also has a few things to let you know about her:

I am between a wing and small forward. I mostly play the four to cause mismatches on the floor because I can face-up and shoot or use my strength to make a strong move. I play defense well on the perimeter and inside the paint, I rebound well and can push the ball up the floor to help the guards when they have too much pressure.

I want to play in college because I would be a first-generation college athlete and I want to learn and reach a new level with my game. My teammates would describe me as a leader and positive person. I do not believe that negativity should be given a chance to thrive within a team.

My best games have been when I had a complete game on the offensive and defensive side. My best games cause my teammates around me to have their best games leading to everyone having fun on and off court cheering each other.  My dream school is one where the coaches and team make me feel like family.

I not only want to play in a system that fits my style, but one that challenges me to improve my game. I want to know that my coach believes that each player must earn her spot, daily. I want to find my home away from home.

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