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RJ Blakney: Height 6’5, Weight 185

High School: St. Maria Goretti, Hagerstown, MD

Class: 2019  GPA 2.85

Position: Guard

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High basketball IQ
  5. Extremely dedicated to the sport
  6. Team leader
  7. Coachable
  8. Recruitable
  9. Respected

Since football was my first sport, I transferred my ability to defend at multiple positions. I’m a elite defender who takes pride in not letting my opponents see the light. I’m extremely athletic and have a knack for the ball.

Rebound and steals get my motor going. Offensively, I’m proud to say that I played the game the right way but don’t be fooled because when it’s time to take over, I’m confident in my ability to takeover and insert my imprint on the game. I work daily on all aspects of my game so I am a triple threat: able to score at all three levels.

My work ethic is superior, therefore I respect my opponents but fear none. I’m a super competitor. I consider myself a great teammate and take pride in getting the team victory.

I want to have a chance to be a part of a conference championship and someday win an NCAA championship. I’d love to play USA Basketball and compete for a gold medal. I want to be able to be part of a program that puts me in a position to be drafted into the NBA as a draft lottery pick. It starts with me and I believe I can be a difference-maker.

RJ plays the game the right way. Sometimes just a little too unselfish. RJ is a good teammate and an even greater person. He’s humble. He’s a loyal individual, and genuinely cares about his teammates. RJ is super competitive but knows he has his teammates’ backs when in the trenches.Still undecided but three areas of interests are broadcasts & communications, computer technology or sports marketing.

My dream school is any program willing to help me reach those team and individual goals I mentioned earlier. These are key in my recruitment process.

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