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Richie Miller: Height 6’1, Weight 185

High School: Wyandotte, Trenton, Michigan

Class: 2018 GPA 3.75  ACT 27

Position: Quarterback

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High football IQ
  5. Dedicated to the sport
  6. Team leader
  7. Coachable
  8. Recruitable
  9. Respected

Richie Miller takes coaching and direction well. He fits well into the role of a leader. Richie can take over and dominate a game when it becomes necessary, but thrives on sharing the load with his other very talented fellow players.

Richie wants to go to a college where he can play the game of football, dominant, and most importantly win! With Richie Miller you can expect a young man who is used to winning and hates to lose. Richie is willing to work hard day in and day out to achieve that goal for his team.

He can throw the ball accurately for 60 yards. He always hits his receivers in stride. His team won its conference with a 9-0 record. (Lost 2nd playoff game by 2 points, missed 2 point conversion). He is a Christian young man who attends a Baptist church with his parents and sings with his mother and brother in church specials. He is 6′ 1″, loves to pass, but when he is forced out of the pocket, he stiff arms bigger linemen and sheds tackles of young strong men. His 185 pound frame has room to grow larger and stronger. His best bench press was 255. His best squat 405. He is unselfish. He works hard every time he is on the field. Richie is a leader.

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