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It is a fact, college coaches cannot be everywhere. The role of the college scout is vital to the overall success of student-athletes.

Scouts attend games even when college coaches are not allowed to based on NCAA rules.  

College scouts have the flexibility and the ability to approach student-athletes and their families without NCAA restrictions.

In your local community, there are hundreds of high school student-athletes who are talented enough to play at the college level. The problem is there is not enough talent evaluators.

Hundreds of student-athletes will go unnoticed and unrecognized by college coaches. College coaches become fixated on a certain group of student-athletes and it’s almost impossible for them to look outside that group.

The student-athlete, through no fault of their own, will begin slowly slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process.

Many student-athletes end up going to college programs beneath their athletic ability. There could be a very talented student athlete but he or she are only being recruited by the division 3 when they are probably worthy of something higher.

Being a college scout can help stop student-athletes slipping to the point where they become invisible. Now they are visible because of a scout’s expert analysis in evaluating their talent.

In The Life: The Role Of A College Scout


Going to games. Evaluating talent. If you are a former athlete you basically qualify as a talent evaluator. Watching video. Writing the story of a student-athlete. If you are a former student-athlete you already qualify as a talent evaluator.

Recruiting. Having a conversation about the recruiting process. If you are a former student-athlete who was recruited to college, you already qualify as a talent evaluator.

Time management. Organizational skills. Conversational skills. Common sense. These are the basic qualifications of being a college scout.

The college recruiting process is a business. The recruiting process has always been a business and that will never change. If you are someone who is open-minded to learning this process of the business side of recruiting, then you may have what it takes to become a college scout.

The number of college programs has virtually remained the same. They are not creating new college programs that have athletic departments. The number of student-athletes has risen with the explosion of female athletes.

High school student-athletes need representation when it comes to recruiting. The role of the college scout is vital to the overall success of high school student-athletes.

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