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Kai Taylor: Height 6’0,  Weight 155

High School: Mesquite, Gilbert, AZ.

Class 2020  GPA 3.8

Position: Catcher, Pitcher, 1st Base

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High baseball IQ
  5. Extremely dedicated to the sport

Kai is a developing C/RHP who has a promising future on the diamond. Behind the dish, feet are active as he works in line through a clean transfer / exchange as he gets rid of the baseball quickly. Pop times show a range of 2.05-2.15 with accuracy / carry on his throws. Times will continue to drop as he continues to train at his primary position. He presents pitches well in the zone through the receiving process.

He utilizes his body well through the blocking process. At the plate, he shows a squared with balance setup and an aggressive approach. Hands are quick and work through swing path. He stays inside the ball, utilizing all fields through a line drive approach. Power numbers will continue to improve as he works on his strength training. On the mound, fastball showed a range of 80-84 mph with arm side run. Breaking ball displays 10/4 shape with gradual break. Stock on the mound will continue to rise. Mental makeup is a plus as he has a great personality, is very coachable and works hard to be the best player he can be. Kai excels in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA.

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