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This is episode number 2 of the Sports Talk Podcast. Today’s guest is Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Jim Boone.

We discussed a wide range of topics in this episode. We talked about the difference between division one and division two college basketball programs.

Many high school student athletes focus their attention more heavily on division one college programs, however Coach Jim Boone believes there may really only be 50 to 75 good division one college basketball programs. The rest of these programs are just division one in name only.

These major college basketball programs are always in the NCAA tournaments each and every year, where low to mid major college programs are finding it extremely challenging year in and year out to compete for national championships.

We also discussed AAU basketball and how it is a valuable component in recruiting, but there are some issues with coaching at that level.

On the big topics, we talked about academics and how if you do not have the grades no matter how good you may be athletically, schools such as Delta State University will not accept you and the only other option at that point is junior college.

The Delta State Men’s Basketball program is ranked number 11 in the pre-season division two polls.

Jim Boone, Head Men’s Basketball Coach At Delta State University

Full disclosure: Coach Boone was an assisting coach at West Virginia State College and I was a player there during that time. We have a great relationship which goes back over 30 years.

Coach Boone is also approaching an incredible milestone. This season, he is on the verge of winning his 500th career victory!

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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