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Jalani Jackson is an outstanding up and coming basketball student athlete. Looking at these video highlights you can clearly see that this young lady who is still very early in her basketball development, but has the ability to hold her own on the basketball court without any problems.

This is still very early in Jalani Jackson’s high school basketball career. She is only a high school freshman, but the framework to do it all on the basketball court is clearly in place.

Even though the video is less than two minutes long, it still gives you an indication of her ability to play basketball. Jalani Jackson is deadly from the three point range; that kind of skill is hard to find in a high school freshman.

Jalani Jackson is an all-around athlete who has the passion for athletics

Jalani’s first love was track. She ran A.A.U. track for the Cambridge Jets where she was a superstar. There’s always a method to why certain athletes succeed and I believe it’s because they are multiple sport athletes.

All I know is this; college coaches love to hear stories about athletes who are always competing and from the small glimpse of this highlight video, Jalani Jackson is a true competitor.

Transitioning from middle school basketball to high school basketball sometimes is not easy for student athletes.

Sometimes, many high school basketball players do not make the varsity squad and are relegated to the junior varsity.

Jalani Jackson proved once entering high school that she could compete at the varsity level and she became a starting basketball player in just her first year at Brockton High School in Brockton, Massachusetts.

I believe if Jalani Jackson stays focused on becoming an all-around basketball player, she will improve from her freshman year to her sophomore year and from her sophomore year to her junior year, but that is totally up to her.

Academics is a huge part of recruiting and Jalani Jackson has that covered. Athletic improvement is also a key factor. The sky’s the limit and her athletic potential will continue to improve.

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