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Jacob Channer: Height 6’5, Weight 170 

High School: Shorecrest Preparatory School, St. Petersburg, Florida

Class of 2020, GPA 3.56

My father always preaches “ball and books, books and ball” because he says that, if playing basketball at the highest level is what I want to focus on, then sticking to these two tasks and giving it my all will ultimately reward me in the long run.

I am a 6’5 guard that can handle the ball well and distribute to teammates. I am also a knock-down shooter so it allows for me to play off-ball as well and spread out the defense. My size also allows me to be really effective on the defensive end and I like to take advantage of an unset defense in transition.

I want to play in college basketball because I love the grind that comes with it and I will be surrounded by teammates and coaches that love being in the same environment. Also, this opportunity would allow me to further my education and learn valuable skills to help me in my future.

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