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I’m A Teacher

I’m a teacher of college scouts, showing them how achieve long lasting success and to make money.

My role is to work with recruiting services and college scouts.

I used to be one of you! 

In August 1989 I started my own college recruiting service from scratch.

I had nothing more than just an idea and the desire to grind-it-out every day because I loved it.

In September 2018 I ended my recruiting service after 29 amazing years.

It basically came to an end because of health reasons. 

Running a recruiting service and managing a team of scouts was more than a full-time job and I no longer had the strength to go at it every day.

There’s a negative stigma attached to recruiting services and college scouts.

The industry is constantly placed in a negative spotlight mainly by haters. 

I understand the reasons because of the bad apples associated with this industry who ruin it for all the good people.

We have to rid the industry of the bad people and support the good and the great ones in this industry.

I totally understand that recruiting services are competing for business.

Who can sign up the most student athletes.

Who can get the most student-athletes placed in college.

I get it.

It’s competition and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve been in this business long enough to know there’s enough business out there for everyone to succeed to their fullest potential.

Youth sports is a gigantic industry with plenty of profit potential.

If you understand how to maximize and capitalize on these opportunities, in addition to profits, you will achieve long-lasting success.

I’ve seen the rise and the fall of many recruiting services.

I’ve often wondered what happened to them; why did they get into business in the first place and what forced them to leave?

Not understanding the basic fundamentals is what I’ve figured out to be the main culprit in the total collapse of recruiting services.

The best analogy is from an athletic perspective.

There are fundamentals in hitting a baseball, shooting a free-throw, catching a pass.

These fundamentals are critical.

The same can be said for recruiting services and college scouts without the fundamentals. Failure is a guarantee.

I’ve done it. The hundred phone calls per week.

Hundreds of follow-up phone calls to parents every month.

I’ve done it all. Long conversations with college coaches about players.

The incredible victories of signing up student-athletes, to the incredible losses and losing streaks.

I’ve done it all.

There’s not too much in this business that I have not seen, heard about, talked about, written about, or been involved in.

I want to see the industry succeed where all college scouts and recruiting services are not thought of as con artists and crooks.

It may almost be impossible to change the viewing public perception of recruiting services and the role they play in the lives of student-athletes.

No matter what I’m going to give it my best shot!

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow!


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