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If A Parent Told You No I’m Not Interested Now What

We Need More College Scouts

You’re filled with enthusiasm for the opportunity of explaining how your recruiting service works, the benefits, and the value to the parents.

Full agreement and excitement is your top priority, your mission, and goal to reach the parents when getting them to understand.

Midway through your presentation, maybe even at the end of it, the parent becomes disinterested using words like we’re not interested, no thank you, not at this time, let us think it over, we’ll call you when we’re ready to make a decision.

Those are just a sampling of what is called objections.

You no doubt will be confronted with objections during the duration of your career as a College Scout.

The inexperienced College Scout will just accept the objection from the parent, thanking them for their time and getting up and walking away or ending the phone call.

I want to be perfectly clear: Understand what I’m saying, objections are going to happen.

You may speak with 100 parents in the course of a year and all of them could potentially hit you with an objection and if you’re not prepared on how to deal with it or how to respond it’s going to feel like you got slapped in the face.

Turn the objection right back around on the parent by saying, ‘What exactly are you saying no to? What exactly is it that you’re not interested in?’ Keep in mind, the parents and anyone else have been dealing with salespeople all their lives.

They call us on the phone, they approach us on the street, at the store, wherever someone is trying to sell us something and our first response is an objection. The parents are going to treat you like a salesperson, but this is not who you are.

You’re going to take it a step further and turn the objection back around on them by asking them what is it that they’re not sure about or that they’re not interested in and what is it that they’re saying no to.

If a parent won’t give you an answer turn the objection right back around on them again and then go down a list of potential reasons why they’re not interested.

It could be the price, it could be your website, it could be the Athletic Profile,or the list of colleges.

Don’t give up, keep pushing. Let me know what you think of this topic. Please leave a comment in the Comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen needed to grow.


  1. Paul

    The most common objection I receive is that the recruiting business has a bad rep. There are companies that charge a fee and there are no results for the bulk of prospects.

    • Al Woods

      It’s true many recruiting services do a poor job. Your best defense is to show results. All the student-athletes you’ve ever signed up have them listed somewhere on your website, also showing where they were placed in college. You should also promote the student-athletes you’re working with on social media. People go by what they see. If you’re constantly showing results of placing student-athletes in college this will somehow reduce the negativity from the parents perspective.


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